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At Jitterbit, we deeply value our customers and their partnership in creating innovative integration solutions that work for all types of businesses. We often hear from our customers that Jitterbit provides incredibly responsive, helpful customer support, and that makes us proud. Customer success is a huge priority for us.

That means we’re very excited to extend our commitment to customers and share with you SuccessCentral, the brand new and completely updated repository for Jitterbit support documentation. We encourage you to bookmark the site at and make it your first stop for any questions you have related to the Jitterbit Harmony cloud integration platform.

We’ve been working hard to update Jitterbit’s documentation and reference material, and make it all available to you in a format that’s easy to understand. When you need to look something up, or see how to achieve something in Jitterbit, we want it to be quick and simple for you to find an answer on SuccessCentral. Here are a few ways to find information fast in SuccessCentral:

  • The navigation menu in the left sidebar is designed to help you move through topics that become relevant as you learn more about using Jitterbit.

  • Use the “Quick Search” option in the left sidebar above the navigation menu. Simply enter your search term in the box and click “Search.”

  • For more powerful search functionality, use the Search Box at the top of the page in the blue navigation menu, which suggests results as you type.

In addition to navigating and searching, you can also export content to Word or PDF. On the top right corner of each page, you’ll find an icon showing 3 dots. Click this icon and you’ll get a dropdown showing various options, including export to Word or PDF.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, no problem: SuccessCentral includes a way for you to ask questions and suggest topics for new documentation. Just use the comment box at the bottom of every any in SuccessCentral to post a comment or question. Note that all comments will be visible to other page visitors, so if you have a specific concern about your account, please create a support ticket.

Our goal is for SuccessCentral to learn and grow along with your needs. We’ll be constantly adding new material, like “How To” articles, best practices, white papers, and much more. If the documentation doesn’t quite cut it, you can always contact for assistance. We’re here for you.

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Note: SuccessCentral is for users of Jitterbit Harmony, our full enterprise application integration platform. If you’re using our free Data Loader product, you can get support from or Data Loader Support Community. 

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