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How to Tell If You Need the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

You might not need the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader. Hey, that’s kind of a weird thing for us here at Jitterbit to say, right? We should be promoting our product to the ends of the earth and back.

And we do love the Data Loader. However, we built it specifically to help import and export data between flat files, databases and Salesforce. It definitely makes a lot of people’s lives a lot easier, every day. Still, the Data Loader can’t do everything. It just wasn’t designed to.

But Jitterbit Harmony Cloud was. It has all of the features you need to achieve modern cloud integration and take your business digital. To learn more about where the Data Loader excels and when you might need to consider upgrading to Jitterbit Harmony, join us for our webinar today at 10 am Pacific. You’ll hear about some customers, like Sika and the University of Miami, who’ve used the Data Loader successfully – and successfully upgraded to JItterbit Harmony Cloud to unlock additional features that expanded their business.

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Like we said, we love the Data Loader. But to really take their business digital and join the now economy, we find that many customers need to do more than connect flat files with a single database. Modern companies need to connect Salesforce and other systems of engagement with established systems of record, as well as new social apps that customers enjoy, logistics and fulfillment apps that partners use, and other applications – which can sometimes seem to proliferate every moment.

Basically, successful enterprise integration typically involves more than one app, file, or database.  And it often requires technically sophisticated features like bi-directional synchronization, automated processes and real-time connectivity, plus support for API management, workflow, permissions, and more. Fortunately, Jitterbit Harmony Cloud offers all of these features and more.

Want to get the inside scoop on all the differences between Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader and Jitterbit Harmony Cloud? Check out 5 reasons to upgrade from Data Loader to Jitterbit, read case studies from Sika and the University of Miami, or register for today’s webinar on the topic:

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We hope to see you there. And if you miss it today, don’t worry – you can still register to access the webinar afterward.

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