It didn’t take long for Jitterbit to arm ASP with a Shopify to Sage 100 ERP integration

A quick onboarding process enabled ASP to be live on Jitterbit’s integration platform in less than 3 weeks.

For more than 40 years, ASP has had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties, and industry-leading training in the use of those tools.

With law enforcement professionals in over 100 countries trusting this brand, it’s no wonder their online Shopify store is seeing countless orders flow through each and every day.

The Situation: To keep up with demand, ASP needed a more efficient method of flowing order, customer, and product data between Shopify and Sage 100.

After being referred to Jitterbit Connections by a web development agency from Massachusetts, ASP connected with an expert on eBridge’s team to discuss the company’s integration needs. Essentially the client’s hope was that order data, customer records, and product data could be synced between Shopify and Sage 100 to eliminate the manual rekeying of this information across each application.

ASP’s finance team, had some questions of their own for Jitterbit. Specifically, they wanted to ensure that the integration solution would function as promised when their company did their routine upgrade of Sage every other year.

The Solution: Jitterbit Connections checked all the boxes for ASP.

ASP was pleased to learn that Jitterbit Connections’ integration solution could integrate their order, customer, and product data by ‘plugging in’ connectors that would link the data between their Sage 100 ERP and Shopify.

They were also happy to learn that Jitterbit’s solution is a scalable one that can grow and adapt alongside their business for years to come. This meant upgrades to their Sage 100 ERP would pose no issues for their business moving forward, since Jitterbit’s connectors are constantly maintained to support version upgrades and platform changes.

What made Jitterbit Connections the best fit?

Jitterbit came highly recommended by one of the web agencies that spoke to the folks at ASP during their initial Shopify-build. What made Jitterbit Connections a great fit for ASP was the scalability of their platform and their ability to customize, add, upgrade, or change connectors with ease.

The team at ASP knew that Jitterbit’s robust integration platform which is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud, would arm their business for success as they continued to grow their Shopify sales in the future.

What makes ASP so unique?

The company leadership at ASP, and their commitment to the highest standards of design, quality, and reliability, set them apart from their competitors.

The company was founded in 1976 by Kevin Parsons, who began his career as a police academy instructor in firearms and defense tactics and later designed use-of-force training systems for major law enforcement clients across the country. The rest of the leadership team is rounded out by those with diverse backgrounds and skills including law enforcement and military, manufacturing and product development, sales and marketing, finance, logistics, technology, and more.

When it comes to their products, ASP chooses only the best materials and designs that will make a positive contribution to the profession.

Reach out to the folks at ASP to learn more, anytime:

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