RoundingWell Chooses Jitterbit to Streamline Healthcare Integrations

Jitterbit and RoundingWell

New Relationship Will Offset the Mounting Challenges Facing Both Providers and Payers in the Healthcare Industry

Alameda, Calif. December 6, 2022Jitterbit, the API transformation company, today announced that RoundingWell, a Nashville-based health technology company, has chosen Jitterbit to assist with the systems integration processes for healthcare provider and payer organizations. Through the relationship, Jitterbit will serve as an integration hub for RoundingWell’s best-of-breed Workflow Orchestration Platform to power population health programs such as Transitions of Care, Health Risk Assessments, and Diabetes Management.

Systems integration in the healthcare industry is exceptionally complex due to differences of data coming in from multiple sources. By working with Jitterbit’s industry-leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS), RoundingWell customers can leverage data to streamline care management workflows and drive care team action to enhance everyday productivity, decrease costs, and most importantly, improve outcomes for patients.

“We’re thrilled to work with RoundingWell and help level up their data integration capabilities,” said George Gallegos, CEO at Jitterbit. “This relationship will provide RoundingWell customers the ability to integrate larger and more complex amounts of data, which has become one of the biggest challenges facing those in the healthcare industry.”

“Jitterbit changes the calculus for us and our customers and enables us to pursue integrations that would’ve previously not been feasible,” said Will Weaver, CTO at RoundingWell. “Historically, systems integration in healthcare has been a challenge because of the time and resources needed to connect so many different sources of disparate data and systems. Jitterbit helps us grow our core value to our customers by enabling us to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively connect with anything.”

With Jitterbit, RoudingWell can easily integrate with EHRs, clinical data warehouses, ADT feeds, and analytics platforms to eliminate data silos, aggregate and surface data from any system at any time. Jitterbit’s solution helps clinicians in RoundingWell be more productive by:

  • Triggering workflows automatically based on data-driven rules
  • Pre-populating forms and fields to streamline patient documentation
  • Coordinating work across multidisciplinary care teams and ensuring smooth handoffs
  • Tracking patient data for aggregate dashboarding and reports

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About Jitterbit, Inc.:

Jitterbit, the API transformation company, makes it quicker and easier for businesses to exploit data from any source, empowering them to rapidly innovate and make faster, more effective decisions. The Jitterbit Harmony API integration platform and API360 solutions enable companies to quickly connect SaaS, on-premises, and cloud applications and instantly infuse intelligence into any business process. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @Jitterbit.

About RoundingWell:

RoundingWell’s Workflow Orchestration Platform is a unified, collaborative workspace for care management teams to standardize and streamline their care processes. Data integrations and workflow triggers automate care team activities while providing a holistic view of each patient. Workflow templates bring population health management programs to life to enhance performance, decrease costs, and improve outcomes. RoundingWell ensures alignment from the C-suite down to the frontline. When priorities and resources shift, RoundingWell is the infrastructure that allows care teams to be nimble and responsive.

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