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Salesforce AppExchange Turns 10: Celebrating Data Loader Milestones

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Salesforce AppExchange, where anyone can find and download simple or complex applications that will help them get more out of Salesforce – including our own Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader, designed to help people connect data from flat files to Salesforce. To celebrate the anniversary of this important marketplace, we’ve put together an infographic detailing some of our milestones on the AppExchange (check it out to the left!) as well as a list recognizing some of our Cloud Data Loader customers who have upgraded to the complete Jitterbit Harmony cloud integration platform.

1. Love Home Swap exchanges Data Loader for Harmony

Love Home Swap puts a special twist on the experience of renting a home, assigning points to those who rent out their place so they can accumulate enough points to stay somewhere else. It’s a more authentic way to travel. But just like many travelers decide to upgrade their stay from a standard hotel, Love Home Swap decided to upgrade from the Jitterbit Data Loader to enjoy more complete integration between their MySQL database and Salesforce.


2. Sika fine tunes data integration with Harmony

Sika creates specialty chemicals for building and motor vehicles. The company has its recipes for chemicals down to a science (literally), but needed to develop similar sophistication for its data transformations. Sika had been using the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader to upload files for some time, but wanted to fine-tune its processes and synchronize data in both directions. Using a free trial of Jitterbit Harmony, Sika successfully connected SAP and Salesforce, without any support from Jitterbit, in just a few days. Now, sales and accounting data are automatically integrated across the systems, closing the loop on crucial processes across multiple departments, including Sales, Product, Credit & Accounts Receivable.

Check out the integration case study for more information on how Sika manufactures success with Jitterbit.

3. Air Canada upgrades to Harmony

Air Canada needed to connect Salesforce and SQL Server. The airline had been using the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for this purpose, but saw that it could benefit from more sophisticated features – an upgrade from economy to business class, if you will – that would allow for the automation of more complex data loading tasks. The company decided to go with Jitterbit for its integration needs because of its positive experience with Data Loader and has been flying high with on-time integrations ever since.


4. Swish cleans up data with Jitterbit

Jitterbit connects a legacy ERP with Salesforce for Swish Maintenance, making it easy for the company to cleanly extract, manipulate, and report on key data. Swish had started out using Data Loader successfully, but quickly realized that additional options were needed in order to automate more complex data operations between multiple systems. So the company standardized on Jitterbit Harmony and is now able to quickly connect CRM and ERP data with ease. Read a in-depth Q&A with Swish about their upgrade process and work with Jitterbit, or check out the case study.

5. Cision makes headlines using Jitterbit

Expert PR platform Cision was using the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader to handle basic data loading tasks. But after acquiring several other companies and standardizing on NetSuite as its financial system, Cision needed a much more powerful way to connect data between various applications. Starting with an internal project, Cision made customer usage data available in Salesforce, then automated the creation of NetSuite accounts from Salesforce opportunities. Now Jitterbit is keeping the presses – or rather, applications – running at Cision.


6. Taylor University passes the integration test

Taylor University had a positive experience with the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader, moving from simple bulk data loads to more complex scheduled processes in Jitterbit Harmony . Jitterbit now connects Taylor University application data in Banner with Marketo and Salesforce data, creating a single view of all student information. Scheduling tasks and chained data operations have led to Jitterbit’s success at Taylor, and the complete view of student data in one system allows admissions counselors and other school staff to better serve their students.

Learn more in the customer Q&A or video testimonial with Taylor.


7. Haymarket Media expands its integration reach

A longtime Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader user, Haymarket Media eventually decided to expand its integration to incorporate more complex operations. After sticking with Jitterbit due to its positive experience with the Data Loader, Haymarket was able to connect Salesforce to its Microsoft SQL–based finance system, Agresso, and enjoy more advanced data operations across multiple touchpoints. Haymarket also recently participated in the Jitterbit UK media event, Gaining True Media Advantage.


8. St. Norbert College wins the integration battle

Connecting Banner ERP data with Salesforce CRM helps the St. Norbert Green Knights excel both in the classroom and on the field. Various types of data, including payments, donations, student and parent information, are automatically synchronized between Salesforce into Banner so that St. Norbert staffers have a clear view of all the information they need in one place, with the assurance of data integrity Ultimately. Jitterbit Harmony has helped the college standardize its data, save time, and help students succeed.

See St. Norbert in action in the video testimonial.

Watch the testimonial


9. Topcon sees the future – and it’s Jitterbit

Salesforce already wrote about our mutual customer Topcon, which recaptured lost revenue by connecting ServiceMax and Salesforce, with Jitterbit making sure that all the updates from these agile apps make it back to the ERP that runs the company, helping Topcon improve productivity and service revenue across the organization. Learn more about Topcon’s success with integration and plans to go global with Jitterbit in this ServiceMax integration case study.


10. Could our next Data Loader upgrade customer be you?

These are just a few of the many success stories stemming from the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader. If you have integration needs, check out other milestones in our Infographic and get the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for free on the AppExchange. And if you’re successful, who knows – you might be included in our next Data Loader customer roundup!

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