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Customer Q & A: Wholesale Boutique

Customer Q & A: Wholesale Boutique

The ongoing Customer Q & A blog series highlights a wide range of Jitterbit customers to find out what business needs drove their integration requirements and why they made Jitterbit their integration solution of choice.

In this week’s hot seat is Michael Berry, Chief Technical Officer at Wholesale Boutique.

How did you find out about Jitterbit and what were some of the reasons you chose it as your integration solution?

We were in the middle of our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and we had chosen an integration vendor that we were growing increasingly uncomfortable with.  The software we were evaluating was supposedly integrated into our e-commerce Platform – Magento Enterprise, so it was actually installed as an extension of our e-commerce environment.  We had growing concerns that this configuration could possibly affect transactions and cause potential hang ups at check-out, and other errors for our online customers.

We decided that this was a compromise on the performance of our e-commerce platform.  In fact, if we ever had trouble with it, we could potentially experience downtime and lost revenues.  We were about 80% complete with our AX ERP project when we aggressively started looking around for a better solution.

We looked at several ETL solutions, including Mulesoft.  It was refreshing when I got on the phone with Jitterbit’s team and explained what I wanted to do. I got candid and honest feedback, versus a sales pitch.  Jitterbit had a connector for Dynamics AX and promised to get us up and running quickly.  That was a huge differentiator for me. One major area of concern for us was around throughput and scalability, and we immediately tested and proved that Jitterbit could clearly handle our transaction volumes.  We chose Jitterbit shortly after the initial evaluation.

How do you currently use Jitterbit?

Wholesale Boutique is a wholesale web based supplier and distributor of embroidery blanks and personalized products such as market totes, bags, tablet cases, hats, engravable jewelry, acrylic monogram jewelry and more.

We use Jitterbit to manage and move the data throughout our complete e-commerce process – updating customer records and sales orders, keeping the customer information in sync, automating the shipment process, and keeping our inventory updated between Dynamics AX 2012 and Magento Enterprise.

When an order is placed on our website, Jitterbit syncs the order information out of the Magento via the SOAP API and sends it over to AX.  Once the sales order is fulfilled in AX, we process the order in our shipping department.  The packing slip created in AX then passes the shipment information to Jitterbit and synchronizes this shipment information back to Magento.

Finally, AX prepares a snap shot inventory for Jitterbit on a daily basis.  Jitterbit updates Magento for all product inventory levels that are on our website.

Jitterbit also synchronizes any changes in the customer information.  For instance, if a customer changes their billing address on the e-commerce platform, it will also synchronize those changes down to AX to keep those records in sync with each other.

From a business perspective, how has Jitterbit helped you?

As we experienced rapid growth, the amounts of transactions that we were handling every day also increased, In addition to a growing number of users we were trying to support.  Our previous solution could only move one order at a time, and if any of those orders had even one error the data sync would fail.  You would have to resolve the error before any more transactions could occur.

This made no sense for a company that was growing as fast as we were.  Sometimes if we had a good day of sales, it would take up to 12 hours for all or transactions to synchronize. We also couldn’t scale because the solution was not multi-threaded.

With Jitterbit in place, we never have issues with our transaction volume.  Jitterbit does not even blink an eye.  I can tell you that Jitterbit has completely transformed our business, cutting the time it takes to process all those transactions from hours to minutes.  Our processes have been improved by 1000% it seems!

Being able to process orders, inventory, and customer transactions all at the same time has allowed our business to run in near real-time.  Jitterbit has vastly improved the quality of our processes and of my life!  I’d tell anyone who needs application integration to give Jitterbit a serious look.

Thanks Michael!


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