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General Kinematics Salesforce Integration Win

After an unsuccessful attempt at internal Salesforce integration, General Kinematics finds seamless connectivity with Jitterbit Harmony’s iPaaS platform


Founded in 1960, General Kinematics (GK) is the premier heavy equipment manufacturer for the processing of bulk materials.


  • General Kinematics purchased Salesforce to provide a complete customer view to their sales and marketing teams via a mobile application
  • After unsuccessfully attempting to integrate Salesforce with their Infor Syteline ERP system, GK turned to trusted partner Endowance Solutions to implement Jitterbit Harmony, a low-code integration platform
  • The global connectivity powered by the Harmony platform gives the GK team full visibility into customer and marketing data for better decision making and a stronger ROI.


Limited IT resources led General Kinematics to an unsuccessful integration attempt

To strengthen their global marketing and sales efforts, General Kinematics wanted to equip their team with a mobile app that provided a 360-degree customer view. GK purchased Salesforce to facilitate this goal, and first attempted to internally integrate data from their Infor Syteline ERP system back into the Salesforce platform. However, this initial integration attempt failed. “When we did the integration originally, a lot of the data wasn’t flowing from the ERP into Salesforce,” said Jim Egan, Director of North American Sales and Marketing for GK. As a result, key customer data like invoices, opportunities, and estimates were not accessible in the app.

Additionally, GK purchased Pardot, Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool, to get more visibility into the success of their marketing campaigns. As a small-to-medium sized business, General Kinematics lacked the IT resources to fully understand what tools were available to complete this integration project successfully. So they turned to a trusted partner for help.


GK Turns to Jitterbit Partner Endowance Solutions to Implement Harmony for Global Connectivity

General Kinematics discovered Jitterbit through Salesforce integration partner Endowance Solutions, whose Duet360 product is powered by Jitterbit Harmony. After selecting Endowance to implement Harmony as a part of Duet360, the integration project was completed successfully in under 10 weeks, giving GK the global connectivity they needed. Data now flows freely between Syteline and Salesforce onto a mobile application, and the GK team has unprecedented visibility into their marketing campaigns and customer profiles.


Harmony gives GK full visibility for smarter decision making and an increased ROI with Salesforce Integration

With the Salesforce and Syteline ERP systems successfully integrated, Salesforce adoption increased internally across the globe. GK’s sales team is now able to look up opportunities, receivables, invoices, and estimates all on their mobile phones.

Pardot’s analytics have also allowed GK to conduct more precise market segmentation based on product, industry, and geography. As an added benefit, the newfound visibility enables Egan to better analyze the ROI of his marketing spend. “Prior to having this completely integrated with Jitterbit and Duet360, we didn’t always know the success of our marketing campaigns,” said Egan. With complete visibility into individual campaigns, he is better able to delegate his marketing budget where it’s most effective.

“The Jitterbit connectivity was something that allowed us the functionality we needed at the price point we could afford,” said Egan. “In the end, that makes our company more successful.”

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