Jitterbit automates data flow between Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics ERP so Timbuk2 can focus on making your perfect custom bag

Looking for a bag that is custom made for you? Or, wishing you had bag features that just make urban life easier? Look no further than Timbuk2, the San Francisco-based pioneer of customization and manufacturer of intuitive, stylish and personalized bags to outsmart the city. They are rich with history in the world of cycling and focused on making a bag for YOU and YOUR life – just the way you want it!

Timbuk2 shifted their online storefront experience to the next level

With their feet planted firmly on the ground, Timbuk2 set their sights on improving the buying experience for their customers, and imparting a “factory made for you” feel and flow on a brand new e-commerce platform. Shopify Plus was selected as their platform of choice, and they began working diligently with Bold Commerce, a web design and apps agency based out of Canada.

Timbuk2 has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP to run the back-office of their business. Without connecting their ERP to their Shopify Plus store and the warehouse where their goods are stored, there is no way Timbuk2 would be able to properly serve their customers. Processing orders fast and accurately, and flowing shipping details to and from their online store, their 3PL, and their ERP, meant that a Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP integration was a necessity.

Packing a plan

Multi-channel sales created an opportunity and a burden for businesses like Timbuk2. Selling bags is the fun part, but the data entry between their Dynamics GP ERP and their online storefront was a hurdle. They selected Jitterbit as their integration-Platform-as-a-Service vendor. Their main goal was to create efficiencies and eliminate errors while their sales channels were pushing out orders, many of them custom.

The plan? Flow orders and shipments to and from Shopify Plus, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and their 3PL.

“We went with Jitterbit because of their reputation and history with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP application. We don’t know where we’d be without custom order data flowing automatically into our back-office and our warehouse,” said Charles Schweiger, Director of Business Intelligence, Timbuk2 Designs.

Integration automation is ‘in the bag’

Today, Timbuk2 is a bustling bag business, both in-store, and online – serving urban folks who pack their pets, their laptops, their hiking supplies, their event gimmicks or even their market finds. Timbuk2 is a business for those who value personality and uniqueness.

Each order is unique. Each customer is valuable.

Using Jitterbit’s universal integration platform is a guarantee that things will process and flow smoothly between customer and company.

What’s next

Moving forward, Timbuk2 plans to integrate data for processing returns and exchanges, and incorporate their Point of Sale (POS) system. Plus, since they sell on the shelves of stores across the USA as well, they always have the option to use Jitterbit in the future for setting up EDI document exchange with their retail partners. The sky truly is the limit with a universal integration solution like Jitterbit’s in place.

It all boils down to these benefits:

  • Reduce deployment time by using a prebuilt ‘adaptor’
  • Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
  • Increase the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency
  • Upgrade your ERP or add connections (E-Commerce, EDI, CRM) with ease
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business

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