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17 Reasons to Integrate with Salesforce

Today is Salesforce’s 17th birthday! That’s 17 years of CRM success. Since the company was founded on March 8, 1999, it’s acquired more than 100,000 customers and is poised to contribute $272 billion to the economy over the next few years.

In celebration of the past 17 years, here are 17 reasons to integrate with Salesforce, drawn from our own long history of successfully integrating with Salesforce.

1. Gain new customer insights

Cision connected Jitterbit to NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and an internal customer database to enable sophisticated reporting on customer usage of its product, enabling account managers to provide support when usage is low or promote new products when usage is high.

Learn more in the Cision Salesforce–NetSuite case study

2. Streamline processes

Marian University students must complete a “KnightQuest” in order to matriculate. This involves steps like paying tuition and enrolling in class. Integrating other systems with Salesforce created a single view of student data that helped staff get 93% of students through their quest.

Embark on the Marian U Salesforce integration for higher ed case study

3. Find the right content

Navis makes frequent updates to its sophisticated shipping software. This meant that the company’s release notes for new versions could be thousands of pages long. To make it easier for customers to understand product updates, Navis connected Salesforce and JIRA, enabling customers to focus on release notes that are relevant to them.

Read more in the Navis Salesforce–JIRA integration case study

4. Get customers connected

Xirrus provides fast wireless networks for all kinds of organizations, from big events like Dreamforce to local cafes. To accelerate provisioning of its networks, Xirrus connected Salesforce with backend systems. Now its customers (and their customers) can get online quickly.

Get connected with the Xirrus Salesforce integration case study

5. Recapture lost revenue

Topcon provides medical devices on loan for new customers. But it was having trouble tracking these devices as well as serving existing customers under warranty. Connecting Salesforce, ServiceMax, and an ERP system gave Topcon the visibility necessary to restore warranty service revenue.

Plug revenue leaks with the Salesforce–ServiceMax integration case study

6. Handle complex subscription billing

Avero’s chain restaurant customers rely on the solution to understand how each section (such as the bar, restaurant, or patio) of each establishment is running. NetSuite–Salesforce integration helped Avero bill its customers appropriately using complex parent-child relationships.

“Check” out the Salesforce–NetSuite integration case study

7. Take bidding real time

The Odyssey Web Integrated Network (WIN) is an innovative transportation management solution that uses integration to match shipments and shippers in real time through Salesforce – complete with a truck horn that sounds when a shipping bid is accepted.

Get on board with the Odyssey Salesforce integration case study

8. Accept payment from anywhere

LA Metro riders can easily reload their transit cards to pay for rides, thanks to Jitterbit integration between a smart chip in the card and the various systems – including Salesforce and Oracle E-Business Suite – that manage the payments.

Reach your destination with the LA Metro Salesforce integration case study

9. Master the art of returns

Most Mophie customers love the longevity they get from their super-charged battery packs. But if they don’t, or something needs to be repaired under warranty, it’s easy to return an item or get service, thanks to integration between Salesforce, Magento, third-party logistics, and other business critical systems.

Get complete satisfaction from Mophie Salesforce integration case study

10. Save a tree – go paperless

Many of our customers, including SPP Pumps, have taken paper-based processes digital with Salesforce integration, often using a service system like ServiceMax to track visits and outcomes.

See how SPP Pumps pushed paper out of the way

11. Heal broken processes

Bayer customers need to be able to order the right medications with great precision, and see what was provided in the past. A comprehensive connection between Salesforce and SAP makes this possible.

See how Bayer healed its sales processes with Salesforce–SAP integration

12. Climb higher

When Petzl launched its B2B e-commerce site, the company needed a way to connect an on-premise ERP with Salesforce. Jitterbit made the connection and helped the new site soar sales.

Learn more about the integration behind Petzl’s B2B retail sales

13. Get paid on time

Lack of visibility between systems was compromising the State of Iowa’s ability to receive the money it was owed. Integration helped highlight funds due and help agencies collect funds faster.

Don’t worry, the case study is free to read

14. Fix your car

Ever spent hours waiting for a mechanic who never came? Avoid doing that again with Club Auto roadside assistance, which automatically dispatches the closest mechanic when something goes wrong with your vehicle, and lets you monitor how close the mechanic is through an app.

15. Change the world

Every day, Ashoka changemakers are actively working to make the world a better place. Jitterbit plays a small part by connecting member information to the right nonprofits, so people can make their bright ideas a reality.

Change your infrastructure with Salesforce–Drupal integration

16. Get creative

What would you like your business to do by its next birthday that it can’t currently? Let us know and we’ll help you get started working toward that integration goal.

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