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  • Customers had advance requirements for cloud-based solutions to solve major business challenges
  • Could not compromise on security
  • Could not spare Java developers.  Solution needed to be managed by business analyst at low cost


  • Bi-directional integration between NetSuite and existing systems
  • Real time synchronizing over 500K customer accounts and 2 million subscriptions
  • Streamlined business processes including customer and subscription management, order fulfillment and planning
  • Successfully set up environment and test web services operations within hours
  • Managed by one business analyst at low cost

Exostar Identifies Jitterbit for NetSuite Integration

Exostar is a leader in secure cloud-based solutions that improve collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management for over 100,000 companies worldwide, including some of the largest players in aerospace and defense, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Their secure, cloud-based, single-sign-on identity and access management platform and their multi-enterprise collaboration solutions allow users to connect once and access all their critical applications and information across the spectrum of partners and vendors they work with.

Exostar attracts customers with advanced requirements for cloud-based solutions to solve major business challenges; however they can’t compromise on security.  To insure Exostar meet their requirements, Exostar migrated to a cloud ERP/CRM (NetSuite) solution internally and soon found themselves needing to bridge the gap between internal systems and external solutions in order to streamline customer and subscription management processes.  They chose Jitterbit for its flexibility in being able to be managed by a business analyst at a reasonable cost.

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