Summer 2017 Jitterbit Harmony Release

Harmony Summer 2017

Jitterbit Harmony Summer ‘17 is here! We’ve introduced over 200 new features and enhancements over the past several Harmony releases thanks to feedback from our customers.

A few big announcements for this release include support for JavaScript, a new Conditions entity for branching operations without a script, Citizen Integrator improvements and support for Single Sign-On. We also introduced the ability to run external operations—that is, operations from other projects—and the ability to handle SOAP fault codes received from applications.

Here are few examples of how the Jitterbit Harmony Summer ‘17 release is making integration even easier:

Citizen Integrator Improvements

Since the Citizen Integrator release six months ago, we’ve been able to apply real-world use cases and scenarios to enhance the experience. One important enhancement is a new, intuitive Admin Console where you can manage deployed recipes and configure new ones.

Another enhancement is our canonical model. Many iPaaS vendors have the concept of templates, jumpstarts or recipes; essentially they are all pre-built templates for one specific use case. If you want to customize one in any way, you’d have to write a new recipe. But our canonical model allows you to break up each piece, so you can reuse it and plug-and-play on either side of the integration. Composing new recipes for your specific needs is now easier and faster than ever.

The canonical model allows Jitterbit to also rapidly create new templates. For instance, we have 16 new recipes, including ServiceMax, ServiceNow and Clarizen, available in Citizen Integrator.

JavaScript Support

Javascript is one of the most popular scripting languages, so support for JavaScript in Harmony helps reduce ramp-up time for new team members because they likely already know JavaScript and it allows you to reuse code from non-Jitterbit projects or internet sources, making it easier to develop new integrations.

Because there’s native support for JSON, it’s easy—even trivial—to parse and process JSON-based APIs. We’ve also added the ability to call Jitterbit script functions directly from your Javascript.

Conditional Branching

Our goal is to make it easier to develop integrations. So by adding Conditions that allow you to branch operations, usually based on the value of a variable, you have a simple, visual way to add “if this, then that” logic without writing a script or code. Of course, you can still access the power of JavaScript or Jitterbit scripts for more advanced use cases, but now you have an alternative for the simpler ones.

Watch the Summer ‘17 Jitterbit Harmony release webinar to learn more—and see a demo now!


More Summer ’17 Highlights

Improved Composition

- JavaScript support

- New feature for branching operations without scripting

Improved Connectivity

- Improved NetSuite connectivity

- New connectors: Four51, Clarizen, Microsoft Dynamics 365

- Enhanced Salesforce Connector

Improved Citizen Integrator Capabilities

- 16 new recipes, including ServiceMax, ServiceNow, Clarizen

- Canonical model for creating recipes

- New intuitive Admin Console

- Saved money and time, as one-off custom integrations and external resources were no longer needed

Harmony Platform Enhancements

- Single sign-on with SAML 2.0 (WMC and Studio)

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