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Build a NetSuite Integration Platform You Can Grow With

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By Sheralyn Felix, VP of Partner Marketing

Maximize Your Investment With a Proven Expert

NetSuite ERP helps businesses automate and optimize their operational and financial performance. Yet, many companies run standalone software applications parallel to NetSuite rather than an integrated platform.

This wastes time, money, and growth opportunities.

To maximize your NetSuite investment, you need to integrate

To fully leverage your NetSuite ERP, you need to connect it to other software applications and data sources like sales, marketing, logistics, procurement, and others.

By integrating your other business applications with NetSuite to fully leverage your iPaaS and integration solutions and optimize your APIs, you will:

Save time with a holistic iPaaS or API integration approach

Without a comprehensive integration approach, you need to pull data manually from one system and input it into another.

With a fully connected NetSuite Integration Platform, your data automatically synchronizes between separate systems and helps streamline processes, such as quote-to-cash, order fulfillment, and supply chain management.

You’ll increase productivity and have a single source of truth for your data.

Reduce errors with a NetSuite Integration Platform that leverages both iPaaS and API

Much of your customer data may live in different applications. If you have disparate systems, this requires redundant data entry. For example, several departments need a customer’s mailing address. But manually entering and re-entering the same mailing address into several applications can lead to discrepancies.

A NetSuite Integration Platform ensures automatic data consistency across all your applications.

Drive scale with simple, extendable iPaaS and API integration tools

Custom integrations may be fast to deploy initially, but they are not reusable and require resources to maintain.

A NetSuite Integration Platform built with easy-to-use, low code, extensible integration tools help you scale so that new iPaaS and API integration requirements can be met with ease.

Once you decide to integrate your NetSuite ERP with all your other business applications, make sure you pick an implementation partner you can trust.

NetSuite integrations at SuiteWorld

One of the fun things about events is seeing integrations live in person. See our integration tools in action!

SuiteWorld is Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference for customers, partners and developers in Las Vegas on September 27-30. From the looks of things–it will be quite the event and we’re excited to be there (booth #1012) with our partner, ShipStation (booth #1043).

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