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Get the Most from Your Support Portal

Support Portal

For many customers, their first point of contact with a company is on the web. Whether they were searching for the company itself, a product it offers or reviews of products, prospects are likely to find a company’s web presence pretty early on their buying process.

For instance, 72 percent of young shoppers research online before purchasing in a store, and two thirds of in-store shoppers will check prices on their phone before making a purchase.

Where companies diverge is not just in their ability to provide compelling information that will help consumers even know about their products in the first place, but also to provide stellar service that answers customer questions on the fly.

Getting up and running on a support portal is a strong foundation for any service effort, providing a library of information for customers, backed up by the opportunity to engage with a support agent through email, chat or phone.

To get the most out of a support portal, though, companies need to connect it to up-to-date information from back-end systems.

Imagine how knowledgeable and helpful your customer service agents would be if they could see product details in a database like SAP or Oracle; invoice data in an ERP system; or even real-time tracking data from a third-party logistics provider. It’s hard for service agents to deliver the best experience without knowing all the most current and accurate information.

Integration platforms can help companies expand the power of a support portal with easy connections to systems such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle and SAP.

Data connections enable service staff to work with a better understanding of order and issue details—without logging in to multiple different systems—improving the efficiency and accuracy of support, as well as customer service and engagement on the whole. 

Check out the 5 Steps to Connected Service and Customer Engagement Success to learn more.

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