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Alvaria Turns to Jitterbit’s Low-Code Integration Platform

With Jitterbit Harmony, Alvaria implemented a distributed cloud environment and automated workflows to facilitate a modern IT infrastructure


Alvaria, formed by the conglomeration of Aspect Software and Noble Systems, is a global leader in delivering contact center, customer experience, and workforce engagement technology solutions.


  • Alvaria, formerly known as Aspect Software, was battling operational silos, corrupted data, and inaccurate reporting caused by outdated business and IT processes
  • With a goal of operating out of a distributed cloud environment, Alvaria implemented Jitterbit Harmony to provide seamless integration and automated workflows between Salesforce, Netsuite, Apptus, and other key systems
  • Now, the Alvaria team operates out of a fully connected cloud environment, allowing for more accurate forecasting, faster quote turnarounds, and an improved customer experience


An outdated IT department and inefficient business processes were slowing workflow operations

With a manual quote-to-cash process that could take up to three months, inaccurate forecasting that often resulted in quarterly funnel losses, and batch processing slowing down operations, Alvaria was in desperate need of a modern integration solution. However, it quickly became evident to the Alvaria team that they lacked the tools and skills necessary to complete the project at hand.

“It became very obvious to me that we didn’t have the expertise to really even envision what we needed to do,” says Stefanie Causey, Director of IS Solution Delivery at Alvaria. “And on top of that, we also had a very tight timeline.”

With a long-term goal of running business operations completely in the cloud, they first needed to accomplish three major goals: migrate from Oracle EBS to a more distributed environment, automate manual finance processes, and eliminate batch processing with true integration.


Alvaria turns to Jitterbit Harmony to modernize and streamline workflows

Just a couple of months after implementing Jitterbit Harmony, a low-code integration platform, Alvaria went live with a scrubbed Salesforce Sales Cloud platform that was fully integrated with Netsuite and Apttus CPQ and CLM. In this newly integrated environment, Sales Cloud manages opportunities, quotes, and forecasts, Apttus tracks and automates approvals, and NetSuite handles billing and fulfillment.

Jitterbit seamlessly connects and transforms these accounts, opportunities, and quotes from Salesforce into customer and sales order data in NetSuite. Once an order is fulfilled, Jitterbit connects that data back to Salesforce and automatically creates assets and opportunities for renewable maintenance. The new system works in real time and is transaction-based, allowing for seamless connectivity between workflows.

Aspect Software Wheel R01v01

“Every company or vendor I’ve talked to says, ‘we have a data movement solution,’” said Causey. “But I say, ‘Well, good for you. I have Jitterbit.’”


Harmony takes Alvaria into the future with full automation and integration

With Harmony fully connecting Alvaria’s CPQ and CRM systems, the finance team has complete visibility into the whole process, the service team knows exactly what products have been purchased, and the sales team has much faster quote turnaround times. “We went from significant volatility in our forecast from the beginning of the quarter to the end of a quarter—sometimes a loss of 60 percent of the funnel as the quarter progressed—to having quality measures and significantly improved forecasting,” said Causey.

Automation has eliminated manual data entry, which had previously caused data quality and accuracy issues. With APIs, Alvaria’s team can capture and move data, accurately invoice customers on time, reduce costs, and improve their customer experience overall. “With Jitterbit’s real-time APIs, I can infuse artificial intelligence into our Salesforce instance for on-the-fly language translation of tickets from customers all over the world. This means answering questions faster, improving customer experience and cutting costs.”

Harmony has given Alvaria a scalable, distributed cloud solution that fits their business needs, reduces friction and errors in the sales process, creates more accurate reporting, and brought an outdated IT department into the 21st century.

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