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Putting integration management in expert hands, Myriad Genetics stays focused on what matters most

With Managed Integration Services, the genetic testing company keeps costs low and frees resources for building business value


Myriad Genetics is a leading genetic testing and precision medicine company dedicated to advancing health and well-being for all. Myriad develops and commercializes genetic tests that help assess the risk of developing disease or disease progression, and guide treatment decisions across medical specialties where genetic insights can significantly improve patient care and lower healthcare costs. Fast Company named Myriad among the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022.


  • In the midst of a large-scale integration project, Myriad Genetics deployed the Jitterbit Harmony platform to integrate systems enterprise wide and support its ongoing cloud migration initiative.
  • With its IT management burden growing along with its infrastructure, the company engaged Jitterbit to monitor and maintain its system integrations.
  • The Managed Integration Services solution allowed Myriad to avoid additional investments in full-time IT staff, providing immediate access to the skills and expertise needed.
  • Plus, Managed Integration Services keeps Myriad’s IT operating at an optimal level, provides critical expertise for cloud migration efforts, and helps to free the company’s employees for other high-value activities.


As infrastructure expands, technical debt accrues

Amid an extensive integration project, Myriad Genetics launched an effort to unify and consolidate data, systems, and processes across the enterprise. Replacing its homegrown CRM operations with Salesforce software, the company chose the Jitterbit Harmony application as its integration platform.

“We saw Jitterbit as a way to help with our Salesforce strategy and make sure important data was flowing between our Salesforce CRM and our other systems,” says Dave Peticolas, Myriad’s Vice President of Software Engineering. “Jitterbit was a way to quickly get that data in motion.”

Additionally, Myriad deployed the Jitterbit technology to help advance its ongoing cloud migration efforts. “We’re in the midst of implementing our cloud strategy, so we’ve got some services on premises and some services in the cloud,” says Peticolas.

As its infrastructure evolved and grew, Myriad’s IT maintenance and management burden also increased. “A certain amount of technical debt was starting to accrue that was becoming worrisome given how critical these data pipelines are to our everyday business functioning,” says Peticolas.


Expert services without costly resource investments

Adding headcount would help to alleviate Myriad’s growing IT burden, but it would be costly and difficult to find the specialized skills the company needed. However, the launch of Jitterbit’s Managed Integration Services presented a cost-effective alternative. “As soon as we found out about the service, we jumped on it,” says Peticolas.

Assigning experts to monitor and maintain Jitterbit implementations in production, the Managed Integration Services offering includes diagnostics and troubleshooting; installation and upgrades; recommendations for optimal design, scalability, and performance; and a resource for fielding Harmony-related questions.

For Myriad, the solution provides both the ongoing management services and the specialized expertise required for its newly architected data environment. “We were happy with the data pipelines we built, but we knew they would benefit by having someone with deeper knowledge of Jitterbit best practices give them the once-over and offer some advice on the best way to architect them, any changes we want to make, and how to consolidate our agent deployments,” says Peticolas.

“Jitterbit Managed Integration Services allowed us to focus on building value for our business instead of managing infrastructure.”
— Dave Peticolas, Vice President of Software Engineering, Myriad Genetics


Optimized IT, cost-effective expertise, and renewed focus on business value

With Jitterbit’s Managed Integration Services, Myriad avoided spending the time, costs, and resources required to locate and hire a new full-time employee with the right qualifications. For a cost-effective subscription rate, the company gained immediate access to the skills and expertise needed to maintain and manage its integrations.

Plus, engaging experts to perform regular Jitterbit upgrades ensures that Myriad’s technology is always updated and performing at an optimal level. “We’re excited about getting everything running with a single set of up-to-date agents and feeling really good about our current set of data pipelines,” says Peticolas.

Managed Integration Services expertise also proved critical for Myriad in continuing its cloud migration initiative. “As you move to the cloud, your latency profiles can change and that can affect pipeline performance,” says Peticolas. “Our Jitterbit specialist was able to look at our pipelines and suggest adjustments to improve performance, and that allowed us to continue with our cloud migration. We don’t have the kind of expertise internally to get over that kind of hump.”

Finally, engaging Managed Integration Services lightens the overall IT burden for Myriad employees, allowing them to focus on other high-value activities. “We want the people on our team that use Jitterbit to be building pipelines and not just managing the infrastructure,” says Peticolas. “The combination of being able to advise us on best practices and also to handle upgrades and maintenance so that our people can focus on building new services and more value—it’s made a lot of sense to us.”

“The speed to build integrations is amazing, within two days we were able to create a file transfer integration with a vendor to provide them with marketing data.”
— Scott Edwards, Manager, Business Systems

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