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How Digital Transformation Can Reinvent Retail

Retail digital transformation

The words “digital transformation” often conjure images of online storefronts, product descriptions, “buy” buttons and shopping carts.

But digital transformation is a journey, and it’s much more than e-commerce.

It’s about looking at your sales holistically, across channels, using technology that tracks it accurately, connects it seamlessly and allows you to make actionable business insights.

  • Connected logistics: Get real-time specifics on in-store and online product inventory, as well as fulfillment details, delivery updates and return and exchange information.
  • Connected analytics: Collect, understand and use marketing, sales, customer satisfaction and employee performance data to inform strategies.
  • Connected service: Empower service and support teams to engage, assist and upsell customers, before and after a sale.
  • Connected experience: Enable omni-channel shopping experiences that let your customers discover and ultimately purchase your products where and when they want.

As E-commerce Trends explains, “Unified commerce is the next logical step in the omni-channel strategy. Instead of adding a digital storefront to the in-store infrastructure, merchants will instead integrate their stores (physical or digital) into a centralized infrastructure. The timing of this development couldn’t be better, with consumers now expecting to be able to search for, interact with, purchase, receive or pick up, and return products wherever and whenever they want. They’ll spend their money with merchants who will let them make purchases whenever it’s convenient for them, and not the other way around.”

If you aren’t thinking about digital transformation as more than just setting up an online store, the demanding, modern consumer will leave you behind.

Today’s modern integration platforms enable digital transformation. They help retailers create unprecedented real-time visibility into everything that affects the customer experience, from product and order data to shipping and delivery status. Get accurate data and app connections that retailers need, in less time and with greater accuracy than manual solutions or cumbersome point-to-point integrations that require custom code.

With an integration platform, companies can quickly and easily connect customer and product data, POS systems, inventory information, pricing and all the other elements necessary to fully understand, automate and improve the customer experience. It’s a better way to sell, online and offline.

Armed with this knowledge, retailers can orchestrate, automate and track everything needed to manage customer success and accelerate digital transformation.

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