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What is iPaaS & What Can It Do For Your Business?

iPaaS in the workforce

Supercharge your business with a cloud-based iPaaS solution for fast, intuitive integration

By Manoj Chaudhary, Chief Technology Officer

With integration platform as a service (iPaaS) adoption on the rise globally, leading analyst Gartner projects total spending of $5.6 billion for 2022, an 18.5 percent increase from 2021. And with growing numbers of organizations seeing the real-world benefits of the technology, the firm anticipates even more rapid adoption over the next two years.

What is iPaaS?

A cloud-based integration solution, iPaaS allows businesses to build connections between on-premise and cloud applications, data, and services. An iPaaS solution can be deployed within a single organization or across multiple environments.  

And iPaaS isn’t just for large enterprises. Companies of all sizes choose iPaaS to empower users—non-technical staff and developers alike—to integrate environments that increasingly combine a diverse mix of cloud resources with legacy systems and applications.  

In fact, the larger shift to cloud—along with the proliferation of SaaS applications—is considered a primary driver of iPaaS adoption. Businesses need a fast, easy way to connect distributed resources and build complex integrations; more traditional integration solutions typically require an in-depth technical understanding of the applications being connected, making them more time-consuming and costly.

What can an iPaaS do for your business?

An iPaaS solution is a good fit for your business if you need to:

  • Integrate data from diverse sources and locations. With the right iPaaS offering, you’ll have drag-and-drop functionality at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly and easily connect systems and applications, whether they’re cloud-based or hosted on company premises.
  • Create, publish, and manage application programming interfaces (APIs) more effectively. APIs can be considered the binding agent—or the building blocks—for modern IT environments. With effective API integration, you can connect any system or data source; a well-designed iPaaS offers easy-to-use tools and capabilities for creating, deploying, managing, and monitoring APIs.
  • Connect applications to automate your business processes. Enterprise platforms like NetSuite and Salesforce are now mission-critical tools for many companies. By implementing an iPaaS solution to connect them, you can automate workflows, eliminate manual data entry, avoid costly errors, and enable your finance and sales teams to work together more effectively.   

Why choose the Jitterbit iPaaS?

Jitterbit offers a next-generation iPaaS designed to help companies meet today’s integration challenges with speed and flexibility. Pre-built integrations and workflows enable organizations to rapidly connect their systems and applications, streamlining and accelerating key business processes.

With the Jitterbit iPaaS, your business can:

  • Manage data from cloud, on-premises, and legacy applications with a single platform
  • Easily scale as needed, without the complexities of infrastructure planning
  • Empower business users with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality
  • Use pre-built components to integrate applications quickly, without coding
  • Get up and running in days, not months
  • Increase returns from both existing and new technology investments

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