5 Ways Hyperautomation Helps Streamline Operations and Support Growth

Hyperautomation for businesses

Learn how Jitterbit uses its own API Integration Platform to optimize revenue operations.

By Christina Jacobsen, Director of Revenue Operations

Did you know a recent IDG study revealed that 89% of companies struggle with data and system integration?

At Jitterbit, we get it. We lived it. We overcame it. Now we’re determined to help our customers do the same with their workflow automation platforms.

We know firsthand the importance of “getting it right” when it comes to integrating ERP and CRM systems. We leverage our API Integration Platform to help us run smooth acquisitions and automate our business processes. 

Here are 5 ways our API Integration Platform and hyperautomation help our revenue operations team streamline processes and drive growth.

1. Enables faster scale

Whether you expand through acquisitions or organically, hyperautomation allows you to grow quickly with minimal impact on resources.

Thanks to our hyperautomation solution, we don’t need to add as much staff to accommodate our growth.  

2. Improves acquisition time-to-value

Successful mergers and acquisitions are all about time-to-value.

After an acquisition, it’s important to quickly migrate the newly acquired organization into your system. You don’t want to let legacy processes and systems linger. It puts an extra burden on your resources and slows your ability to scale your business. 

3. Establishes one source of truth

A key success factor for any workflow automation platform is data ownership. To keep data reliable and accurate, it’s important to establish what system is your source of truth for each data element.  

For example, we decided that our ERP would own all product information. Any updates to product data need to happen in our ERP and then our API will sync the data to our CRM accordingly. 

Without one source of truth, your teams may waste time validating and updating data between systems. This results in a lack of trust and slow change adoption.

Our hyperautomation solution enables us to provide enterprise-wide data transparency.

4. Simplifies and standardizes processes

To successfully implement hyperautomation, it’s important to simplify your processes and reduce the administrative burdens inherent to many CRM and ERP systems.

Our API Integration Platform coupled with workflow automation reduced clicks, data entry, and redundant work. 

This results in happier employees and customers.

5. Accelerates change adoption

Do you want to make your back-office teams’ lives easier with a workflow automation platform? 

So did we. But, we needed to get our team to buy into hyperautomation.

During an API Integration Platform build, be sure to involve stakeholders through the entire journey and to make sure you don’t overcomplicate tasks. 

All of this upfront work generates highly automated workflows that are easy to learn and replicate. This helps to quickly onboard employees and new organizations. 

Hyperautomation transformed our revenue operations with simplified workflows, improved data transparency, and faster time-to-value.  

If you’d like to hear more about hyperautomation and how Jitterbit can help your back-office team streamline businesses and drive growth, check this out. 

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