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Get Real(time) with Harmony

Things just got real-time!  In what is our biggest announcement since we rolled out Harmony, everyone at Jitterbit is incredibly excited to announce the general availability of the Live! platform.   Running on the Harmony cloud, Live! allows any company to transform itself into a digital business that can react in real-time and provide seamless customer experiences across cloud, mobile, social and the Internet of Things.   Harmony Live! is an API Platform for the rest of us, allowing non-developers to easily orchestrate connected digital processes and expose them as secure API services.   In doing so companies can provide “right time” contextual information to their employees, partners, and customers and become a digital business in today’s “Now Economy“.

Harmony Live! is an end-to-end API platform that provides everything you need to design, orchestrate and manage your APIs:


  • Connect to hundreds of apps, data and devices
  • Create custom APIs to expose any app securely with point-and-click API wizards
  • Take advantage of OData support to orchestrate standards-based APIs


  • Use the Workflow Designer to visually map out your business process
  • Link APIs to processes to connect many apps into a single seamless experience
  • Configure user access, throttling and rate limits on a per-API basis

Deploy & Manage

  • Deploy “Anywhere” APIs to the API Gateway which ensures guaranteed access and elastic scale no matter where your API is running
  • Use Live! security controls to limit and block access to your APIs and comply with industry standards
  • View Live! analytics to see how your APIs are used and to manage them proactively

The API Platform for the Rest of Us

Unlike legacy integration solutions and API management tools, Harmony Live! empowers non-technical users to connect any on-premise system, cloud app or device and expose it instantly as an orchestrated API in minutes. Using the Jitterbit Studio, users can connect, orchestrate and manage their Real-time APIs without writing a single line of code.

According to Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Jorge Lopez, “digital business will disrupt all industries, and business executives, CIOs and technology providers will need to think differently to help their businesses avoid disruption”.  The easy access to API orchestration provided in our latest release makes the process of going digital that much easier, allowing non-technical team members to make the necessary changes and move the business forward.

We believe that every company regardless of size, industry or technical resources has the ability to become a digital business.  Harmony Live! builds on our “clicks not code” approach to integration and empowers non-technical users to design, orchestrate and manage APIs that can tie together digital processes between thousands of apps, data sources and devices.

With the proliferation of new applications designed for highly specific business processes, such as pricing, inventory, CRM and marketing, companies can no longer afford to rely on teams of developers for digital connectivity.  Furthermore, the “Now Economy” makes the old ways of doing business obsolete, creating a massive opportunity for anyone who can visualize their place in this new digital world.  Business leaders who understand the “Now Economy” will play a key role in helping their organizations win in this new era and empowering these leaders to take control of their digital connecting strategy without heavy reliance on coding and deep technical expertise is the key to success.

Harmony Live! is the digital connectivity platform that enables non-technical users to get connected and transform their company into a digital business.  For more information, please contact us or start a free 30-day trial and be sure to #GetRealtime on Twitter and Facebook!

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