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Goodbye Digital Transformation, Hello Hyperautomation

press release mittelstand in the age of hyperautomation

Jitterbit Research Reveals New Focus For Mittelstand Businesses

  • New survey of senior professionals in DACH Mittelstand companies reveals we’re heading into the era of hyperautomation
  • 73% of senior professionals in the Mittelstand say their business aims to be fully automated in the next 2 – 3 years
  • 77% of senior professionals in the Mittelstand say using an integration platform is the number one way to achieve hyperautomation

Utrecht, 29 September 2022Jitterbit, the API transformation company, has today revealed the results of its latest in-depth targeted survey ‘The Mittelstand in the Age of Hyperautomation’ — the first survey of its kind revealing the views of senior professionals from Mittelstand companies.

The new report comes after two-and-a-half years of global disruption and dramatic digital transformation. Businesses all over the world have accelerated innovation and expanded integration strategies to remain competitive in a new, digital-first world.

Jitterbit has been serving the DACH region for seven years, with a fifth of its EMEA customer base headquartered in the region—including UEFA Europa League champions FC Eintracht Frankfurt. Jitterbit commissioned the survey from a third-party independent research house to understand how Mittelstand companies – the heart of the DACH economy – are managing rapid digital change.

The in-depth, highly-targeted survey reveals that, like the rest of the world, DACH businesses know hyperautomation is the route forward. A Gartner trend for the past two years, hyperautomation refers to the business goal of removing manual processes from internal workflows in order to innovate at hyper-speed, achieve efficiency and thereby remain competitive.

The data revealed:

  • 89% of Mittelstand companies are still running more than 20 manual data processes, with 51% running more than 50, and 24% more than 100.
  • 73% of Mittelstand companies surveyed agreed there are too many disparate systems being used in their organization.
  • 76% of Mittelstand companies surveyed confirmed their company struggles with data silos.
  • 79% of Mittelstand companies surveyed are struggling to get a complete picture of their company from a data point of view.
  • 79% of Mittelstand companies feel the lack of integrated systems makes them less competitive as a business.

The data reveals Mittelstand companies are aware of the need for automation and integration:

  • 73% of those surveyed want to see their business become hyperautomated within three years—because the future success of their company depends on it.
  • 85% of Mittelstand companies agree that integration between different software and applications within their business needs to be more automated.
  • 77% agree that partnering with an integration platform is the number one way to accelerate hyperautomation, demonstrating Mittlestand companies’ commitment to increasing the automation of their internal processes.

Commenting on the research findings, Steve Sichtman, Vice President Multichannel Sales EMEA, Jitterbit said; “Our survey reveals the majority of Mittelstand companies are being held back by a lack of integration between different solutions and the manual data processes that still exist within their businesses. Most of our respondents—the professionals leading Mittelstand companies—are aware that they have too many disparate, disconnected systems in play and that this is leading to data silos and preventing leadership from having a complete view of the organisation. Indeed, our respondents recognise that without integration, there can be no hyperautomation – which is why they identify partnering with an integration partner as the number one way forward.

To download the full report, visit:

About the survey

This report is based on anonymised data collected by market research house Norstat from 101 senior professionals working in Mittelstand companies based in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland across a range of industries, including IT, Financial Services, Retail and manufacturing. All companies employ 500 people or less.

About Jitterbit, Inc.

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