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B2B Commerce Trends and Challenges for 2023

B2B Commerce Trends Podcast

The B2B commerce landscape is showing immense growth when it comes to digital transformation. In fact, Statista suggests that in 2023, an estimated 17% of B2B sales are expected to be generated digitally. Like B2C, B2B customers expect self-service functionality and better buyer experiences over mobile. To create these experiences, businesses are leaning on integration technology so they can:

  • Access analytics that track customer behavior, identify which products are selling well, and which parts of the business aren’t working.
  • Leverage process automation to eliminate manual tasks and reliance on spreadsheets for order data.
  • Provide integration with ERPs so sales reps have better visibility into customer order history for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Listen to our podcast B2B Commerce Trends and Challenges for 2023 with Yaqub Hosseini – Sales and Partnerships at b2bwave and Tristan St. Louis – Sales Executive at Jitterbit as they discuss market trends, where B2B commerce is headed in 2023, and how integration technology can solve those challenges.

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