Jitterbit’s 2021 HR Integration Survey Reveals a Consumer-Like Approach to Digital Transformation at All Touch Points of the Employee Experience

Jitterbit’s 2021 HR Integration Survey Reveals a Consumer-Like Approach to Digital Transformation at All Touch Points of the Employee Experience

Jitterbit 2021 HR Integration SurveyHR professionals face challenges to integrate key systems, but take a holistic approach to
HR-related integration efforts going forward

Alameda, Calif., September 28, 2021 – Jitterbit, the API transformation company, today announced the results of its 2021 HR Integration Survey, a comprehensive study which uncovers organizational pain points and business technology trends to help companies better prepare for digital transformation. Surveying over a hundred professionals across multiple departments and industries within HR, the report found that while HR departments generally have a lower number of integrations to support better and faster decision-making, they have aggressive plans for the next year that address and improve the overall employee experience. The report also revealed a similarly holistic approach to identifying key employee experience-related performance goals, rather than relying on either ad-hoc measurement or a single workforce growth metric.

Results from the 2021 HR Integration Survey show that HR managers are attempting to provide an empowered workforce with a superior professional experience. In order for HR professionals to recruit and retain talent, they are focusing on a positive work culture that delivers on employee wants and needs in a fast, personalized way that increases productivity and morale, and at all touchpoints of the employee experience. 

“The next wave of digital transformation is already here, transforming not only our economy as a whole, but also how we operate internally within our businesses,” said Greg Belkin, Jitterbit’s Director of Product Marketing. “As HR departments strive to bring in and hold onto top talent, integrating key HR systems has become an important differentiator for companies—enabling them to deliver the seamless, efficient and modern experience employees have come to expect. This report shows where organizations stand today when it comes to integration, as well as their plans for the future, offering insights to help HR leaders stay ahead of the curve.”

Full system integration is not an HR reality at present, but it may become one soon

Results from the Jitterbit HR Integration Survey show that, although HR departments across industries still have some work to do to achieve comprehensive digital transformation, they are making strides toward better system integration—with plans to make significant progress within the next 12 months. Key findings from the report include:

  • Executives have big plans for future integration. Respondents identified four key areas as top priorities for integration within the next twelve months: recruitment (32%), compensation management (30%), onboarding/offboarding (28%), and learning and development (18%).
  • HR managers and teams face multiple challenges related to good decision-making. Survey results show a small percentage gap between the highest and lowest concern. On the high end, 45% of respondents said accessing and consolidating data from multiple HR-related systems was an issue. Meanwhile, on the low end, 30% of respondents said a lack of skills and resources to analyze data and poor and inconsistent data quality were issues. Similarly, respondents noted cost, security, complexity, governance and access to the proper resources were all significant issues for system integration success.
  • HR managers and their teams have similar goals in mind for the optimal employee experience. 55% of respondents said increased retention is a top HR management driver. Additionally, increased productivity was considered a top HR management driver by 52% of respondents. Increased morale was prioritized by 44% of respondents, and decreasing the HR management burden came in at a distant fourth at 21%.

For more insights on the state of integration within HR, download the full report: 

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