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Xirrus Wireless

Xirrus Accelerates Wireless Network Provisioning with Salesforce Integration

Xirrus provides fast, reliable wi-fi networks for all types of events and organizations, from the Sochi Olympics or Dreamforce to small neighborhood coffee shops. Meeting high demand for wi-fi requires sophisticated licensing provisioning on the go, based on information that comes from Xirrus’ internal cloud network. Previously, Xirrus had been using another integration platform and some custom code to connect Salesforce to its cloud network and its back-office systems of record.

Unfortunately, the prior integration platform couldn’t handle multi-object integrations, and the custom code wasn’t scalable. This complicated and slowed down the wi-fi provisioning process. It also meant that Xirrus staff had to spend time checking data in multiple sources, because they couldn’t rely on the information in Salesforce being accurate. Additionally, a Xirrus team member had to “babysit” the integration solution and custom code, constantly checking that it was working properly and fixing it when things went wrong. To better serve its customers, Xirrus needed an integration solution that would reliably automate the distribution of networking details and streamline provisioning for customers and staff alike.

Xirrus chose the Jitterbit platform for its flexibility and ability to handle scenarios that its previous integration solution couldn’t. Using Jitterbit, Xirrus was quickly able to connect its own cloud platform with Salesforce as well as a back-office ERP system. Jitterbit built multi-object integrations that automatically populated important information like network ownership, feature entitlement, and license key details to the right places in Salesforce, the Xirrus cloud, and the ERP in near real time.

We were able to move from the end of development to production literally overnight. People have begun to rely more heavily than ever before on our install base information that is in Salesforce… It’s simplified life for sure.

– Rick Austinson, IT Director, Xirrus

With Jitterbit Salesforce integration, it’s much faster and easier for Xirrus to accurately provision its wireless networks in the cloud, and everyone at Xirrus can rely on the quality of data in any system. Only one person manages Jitterbit at Xirrus and the platform has freed up a quarter of a full-time position to focus on more strategic initiatives. And, there’s no more babysitting needed – Jitterbit just works.

Thanks to Jitterbit, Xirrus customers get their wi-fi networks up and running faster, and Xirrus employees spend less time double checking their data. Now, everyone can do business at the speed of wi-fi.

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  • Lack of communication between cloud provisioning network and internal systems
  • Could not create real-time or multi-object integrations
  • Custom code was not scalable
  • System was not reliable: needed to “babysit” integration and verify data across systems


  • Automated and accelerated wi-fi provisioning in the cloud
  • Replaced non-scalable custom code
  • Created multi-object integrations in near real time
  • Managed by one person – no more babysitting
  • Improved data accuracy and can now rely on data in Salesforce (no double checking)

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