Automating HR: Effective Employee Engagement from Hire to Retire

Series Overview

In today’s workplace, power dynamics have shifted from traditional corporate workforce management to employees defining a new normal through their own choices. A stellar employee experience is expected, and this webinar series is dedicated to providing the tools HR leaders need to support employees from the moment they are hired through their last day on the job.

With integration technology, data from critical HR functions like onboarding, time and attendance, learning and development, expense management, and others are brought together for a 360-degree view of your workforce. The result? Better morale, increased productivity, and reduced manual efforts.

What we’ll cover

This 4-part series of 30-minute, on-demand webinars will feature industry experts, SMEs, and HR practitioner stories to unpack the building blocks of a successful employee experience from hire to retire. In each episode, we’ll cover the trends and technology that will help you create an exceptional HR experience for every candidate and employee.

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Employee Experience Webinar series

Employee Experience Webinar Series

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Ensure new employees have a superior experience from day one.

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Time Tracking

Facilitate easy sign-in and sign-out processes for employees, enabling HR teams to swiftly analyze trends.

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Learning Management

Identify employees with the potential to excel, and prepare them for future opportunities.

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Effective Offboarding

The last day on the job is just as important as the first. Make sure your employees and HR teams have everything they need to ensure a smooth offboarding experience.

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Episode 1

Automating HR Onboarding: The First Step Toward a High Definition Employee Experience from Hire to Retire

Onboarding is a complex orchestration of multiple systems coming together and sharing information, such as candidate management systems, payroll management systems, and benefits administration. In the first episode, join industry experts from Jitterbit to learn how you can create an optimal, employee-centric onboarding experience that not only increases morale and productivity, but decreases the burden among HR and other involved parties.

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