Put customer experience at the forefront with seamless API integration.

Build personalized customer experiences to maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences with automated workflows.

Customers expect personalized omnichannel experiences delivered in real time. Jitterbit helps you deliver them by rapidly integrating your systems and processes throughout the customer lifecycle, so your customer experience is perfectly choreographed from lead to revenue and from order to fulfillment.


Percentage of people who rank customer experience as a top factor when deciding to do business with a company.

9 of 10

Consumers who say they would pay more for a superior customer experience.

How Does CX 360 Work?

A complete toolkit of pre-built connectors, recipes, and process templates that connect disparate systems and automate critical business processes for a single view of the customer. Get a true Customer 360 by connecting all customer touchpoints across SaaS, on-premises, and other data sources to deliver personalized experiences to improve the customer lifetime value.


Create the perfect customer experience.

Jitterbit’s Customer Experience 360 enables you to integrate critical business processes throughout the customer lifecycle by automating integration across key workflows such as billing and invoicing, orders and fulfillment, and customer management. Identify actionable insights from your customer data so that you can build personalized experiences.


Personalized experiences

Deliver a personalized experience across all customer touchpoints and enhance your cross-sell and upsell metrics.


Actionable insights

Siloed data is bad data. Integrate your systems and get a 360 degree view of your customer data to identify actionable insights and improve customer lifetime value.


Seamless integration

Easily integrate systems and business processes across the customer lifecycle from lead to revenue.


Rapid ROI

Our pre-built integrations mean your team can create a connected customer experience up to 80% faster.


Jumpstart your CX360 Automations

Accelerate Revenue Realization
Automate sales order creation by integrating CRM and ERP

Improve the Speed and Accuracy of Your Orders and Billing
Automatically process your orders and invoices between CRM and ERP

Fulfill Customer Orders Efficiently
Build a connected customer experience by connecting ERP to e-commerce systems

Manage Your Customer Relationships with Ease
Synchronize customer data in applications to quickly and accurately respond to issues.

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Evolution of Customer Experience

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