Automating CX: The Path to 5 Star Customer Experiences

Series Overview

Delivering a wow-worthy experience demands a 360-view of your customers. The Automating CX webinar series is dedicated to understanding the crucial role of integration in creating a comprehensive view of your customer base.

Connecting and syncing data across your ecommerce, ERP, finance, shipping, and service applications (and more!) will empower you to deliver personalized customer experiences and earn loyalty in the market.

What we’ll cover

This 4-part series of 30-minute, on-demand webinars will feature SMEs and customer stories for a deep dive into the full customer lifecycle. In each episode, we’ll dive into the business processes that influence the customer journey to help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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CX Webinar series

CX Webinar Series

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Order to Cash

Improve efficiencies from receiving purchase orders to realizing payments.

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Lead to Order

Automate lead and opportunity management.

Coming Soon...

Order to Fulfillment

Process and deliver customer orders quickly and correctly every time.

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Customer Service & Support

Synchronize customer data to quickly and accurately respond to issues.

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Episode 1

Order to Cash Excellence: Elevating Customer Experience in Every Transaction

In the first episode, we dive into a case study on navigating post-M&A integration with Jitterbit’s COO Jeremy Parker. He shares how he crafted and implemented a scalable integration strategy combining multiple disparate CRM and ERP systems to automate the order to cash process, while improving employee morale and customer engagement in the process.

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