Low-Code App Building: Creating Data Visibility Across the Enterprise

Series Overview

The task of building new applications usually falls to overworked IT specialists with a long priority list. But it doesn’t need to. This webinar series will show business leaders how they can quickly and easily build scalable end-to-end apps without relying on IT.

With the right tools in place, anyone can build applications that run on any device, automate any business process, and securely integrate with any data source or system. All without code.

What we’ll cover

This 4-part series of 30-minute, on-demand webinars will dive into application building fundamentals for business users across different industries. In each episode, we’ll explore strategies, use cases, and customer success stories specific to an industry to help you share and extend data without relying on IT resources.

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Low-Code App Building Webinar series

Low-Code app Building Webinar Series

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Life Sciences

Manage data from clinical trials, publications, and abstracts securely and in compliance.

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Improve safety management and auditability with seamless and efficient communication.

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Supply Chain

Share product location, inventory levels, and fulfillment data for efficient operations.

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Streamline communication between store and executive team members to boost customer experience.

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Episode 1

Business Apps for Life Sciences: How to Extend Data Accurately and Securely

In this first episode, we are diving into the life sciences industry. Highly complex and highly regulated, it depends on a constant flow of data in order to be successful.

This 30-minute discussion and demo will teach you how to quickly and easily build scalable end-to-end business applications for scientists, pharmacovigilance managers, regulators and others within the life sciences industry. All without code.

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