Harmony EDI

Manage electronic data interchange (EDI) trading partners, create connections, select maps, and monitor transactions in one location.

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A Self-Managed EDI Solution in the Cloud

With Harmony EDI you get full visibility of the EDI transaction lifecycle while automating workflows between EDI, your ERP, and back-end systems.

What You Get

EDI Made Simple – Onboard Partners, Manage Transactions, and Automate Workflows

EDI Capabilities Chart

Full visibility and access to EDI trading partners, documents, and transactions.

  • Access over 1000 trading partners and 4000 maps
  • Integrate directly into the existing Harmony infrastructure
  • Set up, test, and monitor EDI trading partners and transactions
  • Facilitate the entire EDI transaction lifecycle including: Acknowledgments, Status, Reprocessing, Related Documents
  • Self-manage and configure trading partners across multiple environments
  • Support communication protocols, including AS2, FTP, SFTP
  • Support all documents for ANSI X12, EDIFACT, and XCBL standards including VICS for retailers

Simplify EDI Management and Automate Workflows Easily


Streamline Trading Partner Management

Harmony EDI’s intuitive UI eliminates the complexities of setting up, managing, testing, and configuring trading partners.


360 Degree View of EDI

Monitor EDI transactions with complete visibility of all transactions and filter by Document Name, Type, Partner, and Status.


Automate EDI Processes

Leverage workflow automation to eliminate manual processes, ensure data accuracy, and to meet trading partner guidelines.


EDI Integration in Harmony

Pre-built integrations enable you to easily setup and manage seamless workflows between your EDI Trading Partners, ERP, and accounting systems.

EDI Working in Harmony

Harmony Cloud Studio

Cloud Studio

Create workflows with an intuitive graphical interface optimized for ease-of-use and ease-of-access.

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Harmony: Management Console

Management Console

Control and monitor your integrations and processes anywhere, anytime through a centralized view across the enterprise.

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Jitterbit Message Queue

Message Queue

Guarantee message delivery, manage system workloads efficiently, and simplify your connectivity infrastructure.

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