Communicate asynchronously with Message Queue Service

Guarantee message delivery and increase resiliency

Manage message queuing, all in the Harmony Platform

Jitterbit’s Message Queue Service, built in to Harmony, is an easy to use, cloud native offering that simplifies the management of complex workflows.

Message Queue Service

Cloud based multi-tenant message queuing service, fully integrated with the Harmony platform

Message Queue

Message Queue Service provides the tools to manage queues to support asynchronous processing. It helps manage system workloads and resources efficiently.

With MQ Service, you can:

  • Move messages in and out of the queues
  • Provide governance capabilities for storing/clearing the messages in the queues
  • Monitor the queues and provide status updates
  • Manage access to the queues

The power of a single platform for integration and messaging


Simplify Connectivity

Remove all the underlying complexity of configuring or managing the backend infrastructure and scale your integrations faster.


Reliable Delivery

Guarantees message delivery by safely and securely persisting messages until they are confirmed as delivered, providing the ability to survive system outages.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Encrypts messages both at rest and in transit. Centrally manage authentication of services attempting to access the queue.


Performance Improvement

Ability to easily cope with peaks in message volumes caused by spikes in business activity, at the same time acting as a buffer to protect downstream systems from being overwhelmed.

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Jitterbit Message Queue Service

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