Reduce costs and simplify your processes with EDI integration.

Expedite transaction data processing, eliminate errors, and improve business partner communications

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EDI integration improves productivity and creates better experiences.

For your business to run smoothly, you need efficient operations. EDI (electronic data interchange) integration makes that happen by enabling you to automate data exchange workflows between your partners and ERP, and back-end applications. This eliminates manual processes, improves trading partner relationships, and reduces strain on team members, so they can spend more time providing a better customer experience.


Potential cost reduction when converting from manual to automatic order processing.

What can EDI Integration do for you?

No matter what market you’re in, success depends on speed and accuracy. EDI is the common format for transacting documents between companies for things like purchase orders, invoices, inventory levels, and more. Jitterbit can help you connect that data with the rest of your systems, creating a seamless flow of information that accelerates your business. For example:

  • Automate and integrate EDI to enable optimal order fulfillment – regardless of the shipping method.
  • Integrate EDI with your ERP systems to get real-time visibility into your supply chain, improving efficiency and lowering costs on key materials.
EDI Integration

Make EDI data exchange seamless through automation

Jitterbit’s EDI software gives you streamlined, standardized communication with suppliers and retailers, as well as a single source of truth for e-commerce data. You get clarity on what’s happening, and your customers get a better, simpler experience—everybody wins.

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Fast, Faultless Transactions

Eliminate manual order processing and automate document management to avoid delays and errors.

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Eye-catching Experiences

Automated EDI data transfers provide timely order and inventory confirmations to retailers, and real-time product and shipping information to customers.


Accuracy and Compliance

Eliminate process silos, adhere to retailer and partner regulations and protocols, and ensure critical data is sent accurately and on time with EDI integration automation.


Clarity and Visibility

EDI integration lets you see where transactions are in the process and whether documents have been successfully sent or received, so you can better manage handling times.


Automate and Optimize EDI

Synchronize purchase order data from retailers to your ERP.

Create and send an EDI 855 back to the retailer once an order is placed.

Integrate shipping data and solutions to automatically send an EDI 856 to the customer.

Automatically generate an EDI 810 from your ERP and send it to the customer.

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