Complete order process automation is music to leading audio manufacturer’s ears.

For years, Skullcandy had been using ad hoc methods to share information between its ERP, web stores and shipping partners. This approach was proving to be too time-consuming and prone to errors, so Skullcandy decided to take ownership of their data management and business processes by deploying a standardized integration platform.

Using Jitterbit Skullcandy successfully integrated their key 3PL warehouses owned by UPS and DHL with their SAP by Design ERP application in a matter of weeks.  The company next used Jitterbit to create a standard interface for consuming orders from their various web stores, including eBay, and their own BigCommerce-based stores on

With Jitterbit, Skullcandy now has a robust and reliable integration platform for automating their critical business processes, which has proven key to growing their business more rapidly.

Skullcandy integration wheel with UPS, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Amazon, FedEx, Ebay, SPS Commerce, SAP Business By Design

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SAP By Design, Salesforce, BigCommerce, SPS Commerce, Amazon, UPS, DHL


  • ISV/Partner integration options too complex and time consuming.
  • Connect SAP ByDesign with storefronts and shipping providers.
  • Enable visibility between SAP ByDesign, BigCommerce, webshops, and 3PLs.
  • Interface with SPS Commerce EDI orders from big box retailers (Best Buy, Target, etc.)


  • Standardized integration moved critical data operations in-house.
  • Complete data visibility across applications and partners.
  • New storefronts and 3PLs take  hours, not weeks to onboard.
  • Real-time alerts and visibility of order errors, etc. that previously took a day to discover.

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