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Petzl see sales team and revenue climb to new heights with seamless ERP & CRM integration.

When Petzl launched their B2B website, they needed an integration tool that would seamlessly connect their backend ERP system with their customer-facing portal. With Jitterbit, Petzl was able to forgo lengthy and complex hand-coded integrations and quickly provide retailers a real-time look at inventory availability.  Jitterbit proved to be so powerful and easy to use that Petzl turned to the software again when they adopted Salesforce. Using Jitterbit, Petzl is able to provide their sales team a “one-stop” view of all information related to a customer account, including orders, inventory, payment status and more.

Today, Jitterbit is used to constantly synchronize thousands of data records every day between multiple systems housed both on-premise and in the cloud.   Jitterbit automates this process, allowing IT to focus on proactive business projects that affect customers.  More importantly, the ongoing integration makes the sales team more efficient.

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IBM AS/400, Salesforce


  • Connect ERP data with both B2B customer-facing portal and Salesforce CRM
  • Provide ongoing real-time synchronization of data
  • Provide a single view of all account data within Salesforce for access by sales team members


  • Eliminated manual entry and coding with complete automation
  • Reduced days of complex work to only hours of configuration
  • “Set and forget” integration allows IT to focus on business projects
  • Increased sales efficiency with “one-stop” view of all important data

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