Docusign Momentum 2014 Recap – Join the Digital Revolution

Docusign Momentum 2014 Recap – Join the Digital Revolution

Jitterbit attended Docusign Momentum 2014, a multi-day event that covered the future of Docusign products, their customers, and the digital enterprise.  It was an exciting week both for Docusign and Jitterbit, and we’ve provided your complete Docusign Momentum 2014 Recap below.

At the Momentum conference, we saw Parker Harris of Salesforce, Zach Nelson of NetSuite, Mary Meeker of KPCB, and Sanket Akerkar of Microsoft.  Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, relayed a story of how a recent quarter’s sales were almost ruined by “the other digital signature solution, which starts with an ‘e’”.  In response, NetSuite turned on the free version of Docusign and saved the quarter!  Sanket Akerkar talked about how Microsoft is moving toward full digitization of their company.  The internal mission, called Microsoft Digitopia, will use Docusign as a key piece of their strategy.  There was also a large contingent of HP employees at Momentum this year, likely because HP is Docusign’s biggest customer.  In fact, Meg Whitman has said that Docusign will be used across the whole organization to modernize their processes.

There were also some product announcements made at the event, including an upgrade to Carrier Grade Service, which will ensure uptime for all customers.  Grant Peterson, Docusign CTO, gave a very impressive presentation showing outages across 3 data centers, yet their service stayed up.  A big UI release was announced and then made available on 3/13, with the idea being to make the UI “easier, faster and more intuitive than ever”.

Of course, The Digital Revolution and automated quote to cash dominated most discussions at this event, as Docusign is the leading esignature vendor.  However, Docusign’s mission is broader than being just an esignature company, they want to focus on digital transaction management (DTM).  This means Docusign is also workflow tool that automates and optimizes day-to-day business processes.  Now, organizations like Salesforce can spin out a contract more efficiently and help their customers more quickly through connecting systems like Docusign and Salesforce(using Jitterbit for the ‘transaction’ portion).  To this end, Docusign also just completed another funding round, this time raising $85 million, bringing their value to a rumored $1.6 billion.  This new round of funding should allow Docusign to continue their transformation from esignatures to a digital transaction management solution.

No fully automated process can work without integration however.  When Salesforce uses Docusign as part of their automated processes, Jitterbit is picking up the data between systems and ensuring its timely delivery.  We continue to be very bullish on our partnership with Docusign, and Momentum offered just that — another boost to an already exciting best-of-breed solution that will provide true end-to-end digital business process automation.  With Docusign and Jitterbit the Digital Revolution is here!

We hope to see you at an event in the near future.  In the meantime, check out our free 30 day trial!