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5 Reasons to Optimize Your Integrations with Harmony Enhanced Services

5 Reasons to Optimize Your Integrations with Harmony Enhanced Services

By Michael Carnazza, VP, Professional Services

Bridge the skills gap and drive down costs with expert guidance.

If your organization currently has Jitterbit’s Harmony integration solution to seamlessly connect applications and data sources across your operations, you already have the speed and agility necessary to thrive in the current digital landscape. But today’s IT challenges go well beyond what technology itself can handle.

Companies are deploying an average of 93 applications, according to Okta’s Businesses at Work 2024 report. With integration needs emanating not solely from IT, but also from other lines of business, IT departments find themselves stretched to their limits.

To help organizations bridge the gap, Jitterbit offers Harmony Enhanced Services for its customers. With this offering, our integration experts step in to lighten the load on your IT department. By providing tailored service and guidance, we ensure your Jitterbit integrations run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus your limited internal resources on more strategic initiatives.

Why is engaging Harmony Enhanced Services critical for your business?

  1. You’ll always have access to the expertise you need.

    In the current climate, it isn’t just difficult to find skilled IT employees, it’s difficult to retain them. When you engage Harmony Enhanced Services, you’re no longer solely dependent on system integration expertise from staff members who may eventually leave your organization.

  2. You can spend less — much less.

    Hiring additional integration resources as your integration needs grow can strain your resources and is not cost-friendly. With Harmony Enhanced Services, you can get help from a Jitterbit integration expert at a fraction of the cost and be more productive and efficient.

  3. You can establish predictable costs.

    With Harmony Enhanced Services, you gain immediate access to skilled experts and establish a single, predictable cost for your integrations based on the subscription you choose. You can also easily buy additional hours as your needs change.

  4. You’ll have more time for high-value projects.

    The average IT team spends considerable time performing routine tasks to keep operations running. With Harmony Enhanced Services, your integration optimization can be handled by a Jitterbit integration expert, freeing up invaluable time for your in-house team to focus on higher-value IT activities.

  5. You’ll support greater retention of in-house talent.

    Offloading the integration optimization burden can also mean happier, more productive in-house IT staff. Easing the integration workload and allowing team members to tackle more strategic projects can create an environment conducive to greater retention in the long term.

To learn more about Jitterbit’s Harmony Enhanced Services offering, click here.

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