Unleash Salesforce to Become a Customer Company.

Achieve more by integrating the Salesforce front office with your back office and other Cloud, On-premise, and Social/Mobile applications.


Unlock the true value of your Salesforce investment. As a Salesforce organization you’re looking to become a true Customer Company that puts your clients at the center of your business.

Now, when a doctor calls us and requires service, we know immediately what level of service we can provide them, what their case history is, and when they purchased the product—all of these things that we had no visibility into before, we now have complete transparency and visibility into that process.

Gary Yantsos, Senior Director of Information Systems, Topcon

We’ve got your Salesforce Integration needs covered.

From basic data loading to real-time integration, we connect Salesforce with the rest of your organization.

Real-time Integration

Real-time Integration

Harmony powers Salesforce Connect to provide instant connectivity to Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.

Wave Analytics Integration

Wave Analytics Integration

Connect your other apps with Salesforce Wave for next-gen business intelligence.

Salesforce Replication

Salesforce Replication

Replicate your Salesforce data to any data warehouse for backup, compliance and advanced analytics

Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce Data Loader

The most popular and powerful Salesforce Data Loader for importing & exporting Accounts, Leads, and more.

Automate Business Processes

Synchronize Accounts/Contacts with your customer master

Automate quote-to-cash with your order management system

Give your front office visibility to shipment, tracking, and logistics

Link supply chain and demand forecasts with Salesforce

Extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses

Connect™ for Salesforce

  • Complete integration with 250+ applications
  • Connectivity to all SOAP, REST, Bulk, and Metadata APIs
  • Supports all custom fields and objects
  • Wizards simplify configuration and process automation
  • Jitterbit Automapper speeds data mapping and transformation

Salesforce Datasheet

Salesforce Integration Success

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