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Great Analytics Demand a Great Data Integration Strategy


Connect Anything

  • Integration with 250+ applications and databases
  • Built-in Salesforce Einstein Analytics connector
  • Support for all standard and custom fields
  • Wizard-based configuration for Salesforce administrators

Harmonize Your Data

  • Jitterbit Automapper speeds data mapping & transformation
  • Easily aggregate multiple data sources
  • Validate data with look ups and the built-in logic library
  • Orchestrate multiple step analytics processes
  • Slice and dice data with complex joins

Analyze Your Business

  • Native data conversion to the Salesforce Analytics model
  • Run in the cloud or on-premise
  • Move millions of records
  • Get unmatched intelligence from anywhere on any device

Amplified Analytics Across the Enterprise

Back Office Insights

To fully understand a customer you need to analyze all the data available including financials, orders, payments, demographics and credit history data that traditionally lives in the ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and NetSuite. Jitterbit Analytics Connect allows you to quickly integrate and load ERP data into Einstein Datasets in minutes with no coding.

Multiple Salesforce Orgs in a Single View

Many companies have multiple Salesforce Orgs that run different parts of the business. Einstein Analytics presents an opportunity to aggregate and harmonize data from multiple orgs into a single analytical view. With Jitterbit you can now view all data about your customers, forecasts, orders, products, invoices, and pricing in a single place.

Extend Data Warehouses

Salesforce Analytics can extend an existing BI Data Warehouse by connecting on premise BI metrics and data with the usability and mobile access of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Jitterbit provides wizard based connectivity to the most common databases including Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft that power most modern Data Warehouses.

Big Data Volumes

Analytics can require massive amounts of data from across the enterprise to deliver accurate customer insights. With built in scale based on parallel processing, data chunking and clustered runtime engines, Jitterbit is designed for the needs of enterprise analytics connecting millions of records in minutes.

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