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Build Multi-Channel Experiences

Connecting the right applications helps automate business processes, get the right data in the right place, and inform better decisions in the retail industry.


Retail companies have to meet increasingly high customer expectations to stay competitive. A modern connectivity platform helps retailers create unprecedented real-time visibility into everything that affects the customer experience, from product and order data to shipping and delivery status. Armed with this knowledge, retailers can orchestrate, automate, and track everything needed to make customers happy and keep them coming back.

We were live with Jitterbit in a matter of weeks and have plans to extend integration throughout Skullcandy. Jitterbit has helped us transform our business.

Mark Hopkins, Director of IT, Skullcandy

A Smarter Approach to Integration

Improved visibility across applications, vendors and partners

Faster onboarding for new stores and logistics services

Real-time alerts and visibility into order status and errors across touchpoints

Personalized buying experience for any site, device, or geographic location

Connect all systems with less time, and greater accuracy

Fully understand, automate, and improve customer experience

Retail Integration Success

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