Get Everything to the Right Place, Faster

Connecting the right applications helps automate business processes, get the right data in the right place, and inform better decisions in transportation and logistics.


Transportation companies need real-time visibility into order and payment status, carrier location, customer communications, network capacity, and many other data points to enable effective forecasting and streamlined operations. Often, this data is stored in various locations, like on-premise ERP or cloud-based CRM systems.

“Harmony allows us to connect Odyssey’s innovative logistics strategies and services directly with our customers’ systems in a way never before possible.”

Patrick Carr | VP Win Services, Odyssey

A Smarter Approach to Integration


Improved visibility across applications, vendors and partners, throughout the supply chain


Faster onboarding for new stores and logistics services


Real-time alerts and visibility into order status and errors across touchpoints


Personalized buying experience for any site, device, or geographic location


Connect all transportation and logistics, service, and customer data


Determine capacities, deliver products on time, and improve customer satisfaction

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