Make Agile and Connected Manufacturing a Reality

Streamline the flow of information across your Manufacturing, ERP and other systems to drive agile manufacturing and enable faster time to market. On-Demand Webinar: Enable Connected Manufacturing in Days.

Connect your Manufacturing, ERP, Supply Chain and other systems to accelerate communication between engineering and manufacturing, interact seamlessly with suppliers for faster order fulfillment and ensure adherence to corporate quality and compliance initiatives. Reduce bottlenecks in order-to-cash process and improve order turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

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A Smarter Approach to Enable Agile Manufacturing

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Automate and digitize manufacturing processes across multiple systems


Respond quickly to market demand

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Build innovative products and take them to market faster


Improve visibility into operations throughout the supply chain

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Seamlessly connect with suppliers and manufacturing partners to improve operational performance and minimize supply chain disruption

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Make information available in any legacy or cloud application

Benefits of Connected Manufacturing

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Streamline Product Design and Development

Avoid time delays between engineering and manufacturing for faster time to market.

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Ensure Efficient Procurement Processes

Gain full visibility into requirements, order status, and supplier relationships for faster bidding and reduced procurement costs.


Eliminate bottlenecks by digitizing sales order processing

Digitize processes, documents and data in production to improve quality and efficiency of operations, as well as maintain compliance with regulations and standards.

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Optimize Sales and Order Processing

Improve sales efficiency and effectiveness, improve sales yield and order turnaround time, and reduce bottlenecks in the “order-to-cash” work stream by automating transfer of documents and data.


Improve Distribution and Logistics

Reduce gaps or time delays in the fulfillment, delivery and invoicing processes, increased customer satisfaction and result in faster time to revenue.

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Improve Customer Experience

Enable front-line employees with faster access to technical information to provide service and one-call service resolution, reduce cycle time, achieve on-time delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

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