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Companies across all industries use Vinyl to change the way they do business

Every Vinyl application is customized to meet the unique needs of your company and industry, giving you the competitive edge to develop innovative solutions and deliver superior experiences to scale and future-proof your organization.

Life Sciences

Rapidly build and adapt for better results.

Life Science companies are up against a constantly evolving and innovating landscape that demands a deep understanding of best practices for stringent regulations and guidelines.

Vinyl provides flexibility for innovation while meeting security and compliance requirements needed in the life sciences industry. Increase your competitive advantage in this fast-changing environment by creating custom applications with sophisticated logic, workflows, security, and integrations to all of your systems.

Use Case Examples:

  • Corporate Operations
    Access and Asset Management, Contract Management, HR, Invoice Reporting
  • Commercial & Medical
    Account Planning, Custom CRMs and Extensions, Field Budget Management
  • Government Risk & Compliance
    FCPA, Compliance Dashboard, Consent Management
Abbott Labs
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Intra-Cellular Therapies


Enhance and accelerate production for fast market entry.

A common issue among manufacturing companies is the absence of modern IT infrastructure, including the use of legacy systems and processes. Outdated ERP and PLM systems present challenges due to inadequate integration, collaboration tools, user interfaces, and real-time quality monitoring capabilities. This deficiency impacts scalability, efficiency, and compliance within the industry.

Our low-code application development solution, Vinyl, offers several benefits to the manufacturing industry, facilitating streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and faster innovation, all while cutting down on development costs. Create custom responsive applications that scale, seamlessly connect to outdated technologies, and enhance cross-functional team collaboration.

Use Case Examples:

  • Corporate Operations
    Contract & Order Management, HR: Employee Training & Performance Monitoring, Invoice Reporting, CRMs
  • Production & Auditing
    Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Planning & Scheduling, Inventory Management, Quality Control & Assurance, Maintenance & Asset Management, Predictive Analytics & Maintenance, Spec Documentation & Auditing
  • Sustainability & Compliance
    Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration, Compliance Dashboard, Energy Management & Sustainability, Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
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Let your data guide you to connect to the world.

Decisions in the media industry are driven by answering who your consumers are, what they want, and how to give it to them – and that starts with a clear understanding of your data.

Vinyl helps media companies make the right decisions for their audiences and execute them fast. Turn your ideas and strategies into actions and deliverables by building custom applications and robust charts in weeks.

Use Case Examples:

  • Programming
    Dayparts and Scheduling, Geographic Markets, Nielsen Ratings, Podcasts, Shows and Talent, Station Swaps, Syndication
  • Live Events
    Budgeting and Forecasting, Corporate Reporting, DynamicRate Cards, Inventory, P&L Management, Sales Management, Scheduling, Sponsorship Packages, Ticket Pacing, Workflow and Task Management
  • CRM
    Ad Trafficking, Demographics, Dynamic Pricing and Fees, IO and Campaigns, Media Planning, Pipeline Reporting, Social Media Reach
  • Endorsements
    Campaign Targeting, Category Conflicts, Demographics, Inventory Searching, Management Reporting, Talent Vetting, Workflow Approvals
Barstool Sports


Streamline complex underwriting and management processes.

Insurance companies need to be flexible and agile to keep up with constantly evolving industry trends and regulations.

But with the complexities of insurance data and risk-averse nature of insurance leaders, there’s often an abundance of antiquated systems in this space. Vinyl consolidates legacy and multi-system database structures, enabling you to quickly build solutions without eliminating business-critical systems to keep up as your industry moves forward.

Use Cases:

  • Enterprise
    Asset Management, Budgeting and Forecasting, Compliance, Executive Reporting, Operational Reporting, Wellness Programs, Workforce Management, Any Enterprise solution
  • Underwriting
    Agency Maintenance, Performance Management, Profit-Sharing and Distributions, Risk Management, Underwriting Compliance, Full integration with legacy systems
  • Policy Management
    Bill Processing, Claim Processing and Tracking, Claim Servicing, Customer 360, Quote and Pricing
  • Client Management
    Account Planning, Clinical Programs, Document Management, Event Management, Net Promoter Score
CVS Health
Sedgwick Insurance
UnitedHealth Group


Personalize the customer experience to drive sales.

Retailers are facing increased pressures for personalization and proactivity during the shopping experience, both in-store and online.

With increasing customer demands, retailers must leverage tools that unburden their teams from error-prone tasks and streamline key commerce processes to create better customer experiences. Vinyl helps you amplify customer experiences and create new revenue models by building integrated web and mobile applications.

Use Cases:

  • Head Office
    Financial Reporting, HR and Talent Management, PLM, Procurement, Issue Management, Inventory Management and Aging, Compliance, Head Office Solutions
  • Stores
    Discount Monitor, Commissions, Loss Prevention Audits, Surveys & Forms, KPI and Analytics, Leasing Management, Scheduling, SKU Lookup, and other custom solutions for your store.
  • Customers
    Consumer Snapshots, Customer Pickup Workflow, Clienteling, Made to Measure, Monogramming, Personalized Selling, Alterations, Custom Customer-Related Solutions
  • Field Management
    Store Visits and Checklist, Store Audits, Field Coaching, Mobile and Web
  • Distribution
    Asset Management, Work Orders, Maintenance, Custom distribution solutions
  • Suppliers
    Order Management, Factory Integration, Supplier Relationship Management, Product Availability
Centric Brands

[Vinyl has] the flexibility to create a system that meets our exact unique input and data/finance needs. We needed to build a bespoke CRM system. We don’t use Salesforce and this is literally taking the place of that or any competitor.”
– Media Customer / VP, Client Solutions

Happy Vinyl Customer In Retail Industry – The Vinyl platform is easily extensible and has a real “drag and drop” feel to it when it comes to building customized user friendly applications.”
– Retail Client / SVP / CIO

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