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Want to hear the latest news and developments from Jitterbit staff, presentations from our customers and partners as well participating in hands-on Labs – Jitterbit Meetups are regularly held across the region throughout the year so you can meet people in similar roles tackling similar challenges.


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Interested in attending one of our EMEA events and meeting people in similar roles tackling similar challenges? Contact us at EMEAevents@jitterbit.com.

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Connect your CRM to ERP systems.

Automate procure to pay processes

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Automate your hire to retire processes

Connect your applicant tracking and performance management systems.

Automate the service request to closure processes

Connect your IT service management and delivery systems.

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30 June, 2022 – Jitterbit’s New survey of senior EMEA systems integrator professionals was featured in Enterprise Times and ERP Today, revealing we are now firmly in the era of hyperautomation. Read the full articles here:
30 June, 2022 – Research Reveals New Focus for EMEA Businesses

30 June, 2022 – Research reveals hyperautomation focus focus for EMEA Businesses

19 May, 2022 – Jitterbit’s retail report is featured in Enterprise Times uncovering the challenges, priorities, and actions that retailers are undertaking in a world emerging from the pandemic but is still evolving rapidly. Read the article here:
19 May, 2022 – Retail focuses on the elusive customer

17 May 2022 – Jitterbit’s Serdar Turan, Senior Vice President, Head of LCAP shares his 5 business-critical benefits that a low-code application platform (LCAP) can bring to your organization, as featured in Global Banking & Finance. Read the full article here:
17 May, 2022 – 5 Business-Critical Benefits That a Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) Can Bring to Your Organization

14 February 2022 – Jitterbit’s post-pandemic EMEA trends report is featured in ERP Today and lifts the lid on how businesses retooled their companies at warp speed to meet the challenges of the pandemic, with opinions and commentary from companies including Wayfair, gohenry, Wave, LAUDA and FUNDA. Read the full article here:
14 February, 2022 – The COVID-19 transformation of business transformation

13 January 2022 – Jitterbit’s Joost De Bot warns why it’s high time retailers embraced the huge tech opportunities of the metaverse, otherwise they risk being left behind. Read the full story in Retail Week:
13 January 2022 – Will 2022 be the year retailers get real about the metaverse?

7 January 2022 -Jitterbit’s Steve Sichtman talks ‘What’s next after the starting pistol’ in ERP Today. Read the full article here:
7 January 2022 – Jitterbit: After the disruption starting pistol what next?

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