Jitterbit Enables Critical On-Premise and Cloud Data Integration for Petzl

Jitterbit Enables Critical On-Premise and Cloud Data Integration for Petzl
  • Data Integration Tool Increases Salesforce ROI for Leading Outdoor Equipment Supplier
  • Petzl Relies on Jitterbit to Integrate its IBM-based ERP and B2B Website
  • Jitterbit Provides Customizable and Affordable Business Integration Solutions

OAKLAND, Calif. – Jan. 31, 2011 – Jitterbit, a leading provider of simplified, powerful, and flexible application and data integration solutions, today announced that Petzl, a manufacturer of climbing and outdoor sporting equipment, depends on Jitterbit for seamless integration between its on-premise and cloud business systems. The integration platform allows Petzl to be more efficient and effective across the board from the sales team to the IT department.

For more than 40 years, Petzl has developed innovative tools and techniques used by mountain climbers and cave explorers around the globe. Recently, Petzl implemented a number of new technologies to help streamline its processes and to help it keep up with increased customer demand. First, Petzl launched its innovative B2B customer facing Web portal, using Jitterbit to seamlessly integrate with its backend IBM ERP system. Jitterbit proved so powerful and easy to use that Petzl turned to the software again when they adopted Salesforce to optimize its sales processes. Using Jitterbit for its Salesforce integration, Petzl was able to provide its sales team a “one stop” view of all information related to a customer account including orders, inventory and payment status.

“We use Jitterbit on a daily basis to make important data transactions between our on-premise ERP system and the Salesforce cloud,” said Daniel Hoechst, IT director for Petzl. “Without Jitterbit, Salesforce wouldn’t offer a complete view of our data and frankly wouldn’t have been worth the investment. Optimizing Salesforce with Jitterbit’s data integration platform has created a significantly more functional and efficient sales team, which has led to increased revenue for Petzl.”

Additionally, Jitterbit has dramatically decreased the time it takes Petzl to create custom integrations. Prior to Jitterbit, the team had to “hand key” payroll information, or create custom scripts for integrations. Custom integration projects that took an entire week in the past using manual coding methods are now finished in a matter of hours. Day-to-day activities such as payroll have also been streamlined. Previously, the company’s weekly payroll process took an entire day to complete, but it is now finished in just two hours using a Jitterbit plug-in that provides a custom integration.

Today, Petzl relies on Jitterbit to constantly synchronize thousands of data records between multiple systems housed both on-premise and in the cloud. Jitterbit automates this process, allowing IT to focus on proactive business projects that directly affect customers.

“We provide our worldwide customers with the most forward thinking innovation possible to enhance their overall climbing experience and ensure safety. To guarantee that mantra of ‘quality first’, we required the most innovative technology to streamline our business and Jitterbit allows us to do this,” said Hoechst.

“Our customers tell us that using Jitterbit gives them an edge on their competition, which is our ultimate goal indelivering the best in data integration for both on-premise and cloud systems,” said Sharam Sasson, CEO of Jitterbit. “We pride ourselves on providing easy, customizable and affordable business integration solutions that help organizations make the jump to the cloud without compromising its rapid ROI.”

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