Harmony EiPaaS Platform Specs

One Platform. Limitless Opportunities.

We built the Harmony Platform to allow anyone to design, deploy, and manage the entire integration lifecycle on a single cloud solution. Harmony Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EiPaaS) includes everything you need to solve even the most complex integration challenges without sacrificing ease of use, speed, and agility. Here’s how it works.


This is where it all starts. The Studio’s intuitive graphical interface enables you to build powerful integrations with simple point-and-click configuration.

Harmony EiPaaS Design Studio


Connect to any app by using one of our built-in connectors or standards-based connectivity.

  • Configure popular apps with wizard-driven connectors
  • Connect to any system through REST or SOAP-based APIs
  • Extend connectivity via JDBC, ODBC, JMS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and more
  • Create your own APIs in any format (REST, SOAP, JSON, OData)

Data Mapping & Transformation

Quickly map data structures between your apps and create powerful transformations.

  • Use Jitterbit Automapper™ to intelligently map similar fields on-the-fly
  • Add business logic with over 300 included formulas
  • Support for custom objects and fields
  • Validate and test your mappings
Wire with Endpoint

Workflow Designer

Build powerful visual integration flows that bring together your apps, data mappings, and business processes.

  • Accelerate your time to deployment with pre-built integration templates for common integrations
  • Easily chain multiple flows together to create powerful digital processes
  • Add automated notifications, routing rules and more
  • Set your integrations to run on a schedule, triggered, or real-time

Integration Lifecycle

Virtual environments make it simple to manage the complete integration lifecycle from design to production.

  • Test new functionality without disrupting your existing integrations
  • Easily migrate projects between environments
  • Assign Smart Agents to run in one or many environments

Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

The Harmony Platform’s multi-tenant cloud architecture was built from the ground up to elastically scale to meet the growing needs of your business.

Enterprise iPaaS Deploy Graphic

Smart Agents

Smart Agents are small-but-powerful integration engines that run in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model.

  • Elastic cloud agents scale to meet real-time needs
  • On-premises agents provide secure local connectivity
  • Smart grouping offers performance and high-availability
  • Harmony intelligently load-balances integration tasks


Keeping your data safe is our #1 priority. We never store your data and Harmony securely moves data between your apps.

  • SSL and x.509 encrypt and authenticate every transaction
  • HTTPS communication with encrypted credentials
  • Harmony does not store transactional data
  • Meets SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance
  • Team and user-based access permissions and delegation

High Performance

We’ve architected Harmony so the data that drives your business is always where you need it, when you need it.

  • Data streaming transacts information on-the-fly
  • Data chunking processes large volumes in parallel
  • Automatically scale to thousands of transactions

Elastic Scale

Built to support the needs of your business, architected for “always-on” integration.

  • Harmony’s robust messaging offers guaranteed delivery
  • Never miss a beat with industry leading platform uptime
  • Harmony runs on six Global Data Centers

API Manager

Support the full API lifecycle and easily create, manage, publish, and secure APIs and microservices from a centralized platform irrespective of where they are hosted. Monitor, track and analyze key performance metrics for informed decision making.

API Manager Graphic
Dev Paper


Expedite API creation through an intuitive interface

  • Securely, create, run, and analyze APIs
  • Easily generate APIs or microservices based on existing data and apps through a few clicks
  • Consume internal and external APIs
  • Support various formats that include REST, SOAP, JSON, and OData


Expose your APIs via enterprise-scale API Gateways

  • Rapidly expose any application or data as an API
  • Make APIs/Microservices easily consumable to developers via the Developer Portal
  • Document each API using OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0) within the Developer Portal


Secure APIs and efficiently manage complete API lifecycle from any device

  • Comprehensive monitoring and alerting of API processes
  • Access APIs and expose to developers with full authentication and user access controls
  • Provide API governance with rate-limiting and IP-white listing


Monitor API performance and consumption trends via a dashboard

  • Easily filter API analytics data based on API URL/name, user profile, and status codes
  • Report on various time periods and segment based on IP address, response time, HTTP response code, etc
  • Search and filter by API operational & debug logs

Management Console

Get a complete view of your Harmony integrations from any connected device. Manage the integration projects for the entire organization online from a single console.

Harmony EiPaaS Management Console


Everything you need to monitor your integration projects from anywhere on any device.

  • Manage your agents, environments, and projects
  • Setup real-time alerts and access a complete audit trail
  • View analytics to monitor the health of your integrations
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Harmony’s flexible architecture makes it easy to create additional functionality and value.

  • Install and manage custom plugins to extend functionality
  • Group Agents for increased performance and reliability
  • Backup and deploy pre-built projects & Jitterpak templates


Harmony can be managed by one person, but you can easily invite others to securely collaborate on any project.

  • Set access privileges for components of the platform
  • Create custom roles and manage membership
  • Give users from other organizations secure access


Apply schedules from within the Projects section of the Management Console.

  • Create, edit and apply schedules
  • Turn schedules on and off
  • Customize schedule frequency

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