Learn how to get more out of SAP and Salesforce with Integration

Learn how to get more out of SAP and Salesforce with Integration

Does your business use SAP for ERP and Salesforce as your CRM solution? If so, you’re not alone—and you know how important Salesforce SAP integration is.

Salesforce has an estimated 3.75 million subscribers, while more than 335,000 businesses worldwide use SAP software in some capacity. These two companies are among the biggest names in their respective fields for a reason. The companies offer proven, effective solutions used by firms worldwide in dozens of industries.

But, despite their prevalence, getting a Salesforce integration right is typically an immense challenge for most firms. Both are complex solutions built to be proprietary, stand-alone offerings that don’t play well with others. In too many companies, even just the idea of Salesforce SAP integration is a huge hurdle, which is a shame.

SAP software is typically built as a back-end solution, and many of its most popular offerings were created before cloud computing was ever even a buzzword. In contrast, Salesforce is a cloud pioneer and designed primarily for front-end users. It’s no wonder that Salesforce integration is so challenging.

Very few firms are currently getting this right, which means very few are truly wringing the most value from both SAP and Salesforce. This gap is a major wasted opportunity to have real oversight over all parts of the enterprise and the client lifecycle. It is easy for firms in just about any industry imaginable to spot both the problems caused by this present lack of integration and the possibilities of linking the two together in the future.

How to resolve common SAP and Salesforce challenges

Getting these two tools to play nicely does not have to be a headache though. Check out our webinar on Salesforce SAP integration to learn how to effectively connect your CRM to your ERP, once and for all. Let Senior Sales Engineer Matthew Lonergan show you just how easy it is to get integration right, and Marketing Director Lee Bautista will walk you through the many benefits of Salesforce SAP integration. The webinar also discusses the options currently available to businesses, including the self-service Salesforce ERP integration that can happen with Jitterbit in place.

Both SAP and Salesforce make best-of-breed solutions that power many of the world’s leading businesses. By effectively integrating the two with one another, you can get the most value out of both SAP and Salesforce.

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While both are amazing solutions that are trusted by many of the biggest companies on the planet, they are expensive to procure and sometimes time consuming to maximize. Without tight integration between the two, just about no firm will be able to get the most out of its investments in either SAP or Salesforce. Be sure to view the webinar to learn how easy it can be to maximize your investment and get these two solutions to be even better than they already are.

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