Integration Solutions for Manufacturing

Increase Production.

Connecting the right applications helps automate business processes, get the right data in the right place, and inform better decisions in the manufacturing industry.


When you manufacture a physical product, digital can feel like an afterthought. But digitizing all aspects of the business can quickly deliver significant benefits for manufacturing companies. Automating processes and eliminating manual data entry will increase accuracy and speed up every step of the manufacturing process, allowing truly digital manufacturing companies to make better products faster, and meet customer needs.

We’ve gone from an invoicing process that could take weeks to one that occurs in a single day.

Damian Hudson, Head of IT, SPP Pumps

A Smarter Approach to Integration

Automate and digitize processes across multiple systems

Increase data accuracy, so projects get done right

Build better products and take them to market faster

Improve visibility into operations throughout the supply chain and beyond

Make information available in any legacy or cloud application

Manufacturing Integration Success

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