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Epicor Integration: Connect Data Across Your Enterprise to Drive Growth

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Jitterbit provides a scalable solution for rapid Epicor integration, implementation and easy expansion, allowing our customers to:

  • Seamlessly connect Epicor to any in-house, on-premises, or cloud-based system through Jitterbit Harmony API Integration Platform.
  • Enable companies to build and automate workflows across critical business applications through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Connect Epicor with CRM, E-Commerce, Analytics, 3PL/Logistics and HR apps to provide a consolidated view of customer data across all applications.
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Thousands of Companies Use Jitterbit to Drive Innovation

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Jitterbit delivers integration between Epicor and critical third-party applications, databases and legacy systems to drive business processes.


Integrate in days, not months with template-based integration to hundreds of 3rd party business systems.


Eliminate duplicate data entry, build smart workflows, and keep users working in the systems they know best.


Maintain Epicor as the system of record and the single source of truth within your organization.


Exchange information between business systems in real time to keep pace with daily changes in your business or supply chain.

Connect Epicor to 1,000+ Endpoints

Jitterbit offers standards-based connectivity to integrate Epicor with any other app or database, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Any SOAP or REST web service
  • Any ODBC and JDBC database
  • Any (S)FTP, Fileshare, LDAP, SMTP, POP3 source
  • Any Flat, Hierarchical, or XML file
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“Thanks to Jitterbit, our clients receive a 360-degree view of shipment process through a system that provides one location for shippers to do everything from select a carrier, simplify shipment processing, communicate with customers, and integrate existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs).”

– Russell Marky, Chief Executive Officer, WIN Business Services

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