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Government agency collects on debts owed by connecting State and Local agency data.

The State of Iowa has a program to hold payments to citizens or vendors who owe debts to State agencies (e.g.  court-ordered child support payments or back taxes). DAS is directly responsible for maintaining this database of debtors within a vendor-offset program.  This requires integration of data from inside and outside the state’s network. In 2007, the State of Iowa passed legislation allowing county and city agencies to add their debtors to the database, leveraging the state’s data processing power to secure payments of locally oriented debts (e.g., municipal parking tickets, library fees, jail fees). The new program called for the database to pull information from dozens of different file types..   Jitterbit bridged the gap to their ERP system without needing to rework the Web application that handles mixed data from outside the state’s firewall.

DAS uses Jitterbit to provide secure, reliable processing of all files submitted by agencies.  Its accessibility has contributed to a viral, “do-it-yourself” adoption of Jitterbit within the state.


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State of Iowa, Department of Administrative Services


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  • New vendor offsets debt program required a database to pull information from more than 100 different file types inside and outside the state’s firewall
  • Thousands of files from local agencies were inundating the database with incomplete files and mismatched data


  • State/local integration generates additional $3M in revenue per year
  • Processes all service requests from state and local governments
  • Automatic validation of payments against the state’s ERP system
  • Custom portal updated based on changes to back-office data

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