Marian University

Marian University

Marian Students Tackle the “KnightQuest”

Marian University was using various software systems to run its academic and athletic programs and general operations, but none of those systems were communicating. Staff and faculty members had access to different student information in different systems, which compromised their ability to provide the most appropriate and helpful advice to students – who in turn struggled to complete all the tasks they needed to enroll in classes.

The school realized it needed a single 360-degree view of student data, and selected Salesforce to provide that single view. But various back-end systems still needed to be connected to provide all of that information. Marian University evaluated various integration products and selected Jitterbit as the easiest to use and most cost effective option.

“Jitterbit has been so easy to use. We can build a view in our database, name it the same name as we have the objects in Salesforce, and Jitterbit does all the work. It automatically ties everything together.”

– Mary Rieman, Director of Integration and Application Architecture, Marian University

Internal staff implemented Jitterbit on their own to connect Marian’s CAMS student information system with Salesforce, realizing the school’s long-held dream of a single source of student information. To capitalize on this successful integration, Marian created a program called “KnightQuest” (because the athletic teams are the Marian Knights) designed to help improve the proportion of students who complete enrollment tasks each year.

To make KnightQuest successful, Marian built a single page in Salesforce highlighting the five tasks that students need to complete in order to enroll each semester. Now, Marian staff, faculty, coaches, and students can all operate from the same page in Salesforce and set students up for enrollment success. In the first year of KnightQuest, an impressive 93 percent of students completed all the tasks required to enroll in college.

With its 360 degree student view firmly in place thanks to Jitterbit, Marian is ready to embark on the next quest to improve student success.


Marian University


Higher Education


Marian is a Catholic university in Indianapolis.

Systems Integrated

CAMS, Salesforce

Integration Challenges

  • Various technology systems were not connected
  • Different university departments were working from different information
  • Students struggled to complete all of the tasks required to enroll

Integration Successes

  • 58% increase in on-time tuition payments in first year with Jitterbit
  • Additional 33% increase in on-time payments in second year
  • 93% of students completed KnightQuest enrollment program in its first year
  • Created a complete 360 degree view of student information
  • Admissions staff, academic faculty, athletic coaches now on the same page

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