Topcon Refocuses Service Department with Salesforce to ServiceMax Integration

Eyes are complex. They contain thousands of moving parts and sophisticated systems to help us see and comprehend what’s in front of us. Like the eyes it serves, Topcon is also complex, building, selling and supporting hundreds of thousands of devices that help diagnose eye conditions.

But the legacy ERP system that governed Topcon’s products and service warranties wasn’t communicating with Salesforce, the system that its sales and support team members were using on a daily basis. This meant that it was hard to track devices given out for testing purposes, and difficult to verify customer warranties. Topcon needed to connect its systems seamlessly, so it could see the bigger picture of how the company was doing.

“Now, when a doctor calls us and requires service, we know immediately what level of service we can provide them, what their case history is, and when they purchased the product – all of these things that we had no visibility into before, we now have complete transparency and visibility into that process.”
– Gary Yantsos, Senior Director of Information Systems, Topcon

To better focus its service program, Topcon evaluated several integration platforms. Not wanting to invest significant additional technical resources in an integration solution, the company chose Jitterbit because of its minimal technical footprint. Topcon also found the learning curve for Jitterbit to be more manageable than the other solutions it explored.

Jitterbit proved to be the right system to not only connect apps, but also orchestrate all the elements of the Topcon customer experience. From an initial product trial to ongoing service agreements, Jitterbit connects and automates every step of the process of becoming a Topcon customer. This means that salespeople can track devices, support technicians can verify warranties, and customers can easily get their hands on the devices and services they need to make a successful diagnosis.

Integrating hundreds of accounts with the right product and service data has helped Topcon achieve a “tremendous increase” in the level of service it’s able to provide its customers. The company is no longer leaking warranty revenue, having trouble tracking devices, or taking too much time to find the right data to drive the right decisions. Now, when a doctor calls in, Topcon can provide precisely the right service and support for the devices and warranty involved.
Getting apps connected has resolved revenue leakage and enhanced service for Topcon, all without a steep learning curve or cumbersome technical installation. Business users can find all of the product, support, and service information they need, directly in Salesforce, and customers can count on receiving appropriate support and service in a timely manner. The company can be assured that it’s not losing money or devices, or missing opportunities to serve its customers well.
Success with Jitterbit has led Topcon to expand its use of the integration platform to new departments and offices globally, all the way up to its parent company in Japan. As the company continues to grow and innovate, Jitterbit will help make sure it has the information it needs to focus activities in all the right areas.
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Healthcare – Medical Devices


Topcon Medical Systems is a developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community.


Salesforce, SQL-based ERP, ServiceMax, flat files


No integration solution


  • It was difficult to track loaned sample devices
  • The company lacked an easy way to verify warranties and service contracts – it could take days of administrative work to check details
  • Revenue was lost due to providing service out of warranty
  • Collaboration with major customers


  • Brought support and service in line with warranty agreements
  • Improved tracking and recovery of sample devices
  • Restored revenue lost from incorrect service and support
  • Success provides model for global integration across company
  • Next steps are connecting to ServiceMax and expanding Jitterbit use globally

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