Navis Ships Success with Salesforce to JIRA Integration

Every year, more than $4 trillion in goods are shipped across the world’s oceans. It requires complex software to coordinate the movements of ships and make sure that every item in every container on every ship gets exactly where it needs to go. Navis makes software for the shipping industry that can do everything from tracking cargo to managing multiple shipping terminals – ultimately ensuring that cargo arrives at the right destination safely.

Navis prides itself on providing responsive customer support. When it received feedback from clients that they needed better access to product release notes for complete visibility into updates, bug fixes and other changes, Navis knew it needed to make a change. Navis uses Salesforce Service Cloud to manage its support tickets and JIRA to manage its product releases and issue tracking. To improve the customer experience, Navis realized it needed an integration platform on which to build the future of their support and product management lifecycles.


Jitterbit’s really wonderful and I’m happy to recommend it.

– Herb Cohen, ‎Lead Escalation Engineer, Navis LLC

Navis made great progress with Jitterbit on its own during a free trial, and found Jitterbit support to be responsive, providing the confidence to move forward with an implementation. With Jitterbit in place, JIRA and Salesforce are now seamlessly connected and release note details can flow between the systems. With the JIRA integration, Navis customers can search, filter and find everything they need to know about the latest software update instead of hunting through a 1000-page PDF.

Given the success of the project, Navis is looking forward to using Jitterbit for additional use cases that will enhance its powerful core product. Together, Navis and Jitterbit can navigate any port (metaphorically speaking).

Salesforce Integration






Navis provides technologies that help shipping terminals work more efficiently.


JIRA, Salesforce


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  • Lack of integration made it cumbersome to navigate thousands of pages of release notes for product updates
  • Navis support and customers wanted better visibility into what was new in the latest release


  • Connected JIRA issues with Salesforce support cases
  • Created integration on a standard platform that is easy to understand and use
  • Customers can now search release notes to see what matters to them
  • Navis can provide better support and faster response with a more complete view of JIRA issues

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